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Beastly murder#cliffhangerqueencontest

January 6, 2019


Once upon a time, a selfish young prince refused to give an old beggar-woman shelter in his castle. But the old woman was really an enchantress. As punishment, she turned the prince into a terrifying beast and cast a spell on everyone in the castle. By day his mind would be his own, but by night his mind would be that of a beast’s, cold, calculating, and self-serving. He would remain this way until a beautiful maiden, pure and kind, broke the spell. For years he tried to hold out from the curse at night and searched for the one to break the curse. Eventually he began despairing and giving into his beastly urges. Everyone began to fear the night when he roamed freely, killing any servant in his way. 
            “Lord please bless Jenebris, and Tanita. Please give theirs spirits safe passage and welcome them into heaven, Amen.”
            The impromptu funeral service ended with servants reminiscing over the time they spent with their lost compadres. Instead of talking with the rest, Jean wandered up the stairs and found Elizabelle exploring. 
            “Elizabelle you need to go your room, it’s not safe here, come I will escort you.” Jean grabbed her arm and began walking but Elizabelle stalled. 
            “What is going on? Why is everyone sad? Why do I always need to go to my room so early at night?” Seeing Jean didn’t intend to answer any of her questions she started again “Jean!Whatis going on?!”
            “Belle! You just need your beauty sleep that’s all, and if you don’t come with me I will carry you there.” Jean began dragging her again.
            “Fine don’t tell me,” Elizabelle wrenched her arm from his grasp and stalked off. “but don’t expect me to tell you anything then!”
            They walked in silence until reaching her room where Elizabelle wrenched open the door. A scent wafted over them from the dinner Jean had sent to her room. 
Attempting to relieve the tension Jean spoke “You know Belle is French for beauty.”
            “Don’t even start I have heard that too many times before. Good night” Elizabelle began to slam the door. 
            “Belle wait!” Elizabelle paused and Jean continued, “I’m sorry I didn’t know that rankled you so.” He cleared his throat. “Someone will come get you when dawns first light peaks over the mountains.”
            “Ok, Jean can you please tell me what is going on?”
            “I am sorry, but I cannot speak about the-”
            “The what?”
            “Nothing,” Jean mumbled, “Let’s hope she can save us soon.”
            “Save you what do you mean?”
            “I will see you in the morning, good night” Jean grabbed the door knob, shut the door, and locked it pocketing the key.
            After darting down several flights to the basement, Jean turned a corner and heard a noise. Tense he stared at the shadows until satisfied that there was not anything there. As he turned and sighed with relief, something began growling in the corner. 
            “Ha! You think you can escape me?”
            The bearer of that voice stepped into the lights and towered over Jean. 
Nine feet tall with a powerful body covered in black fur, goat horns and beard, a head shaped as a wolf, feet like an eagle’s claws, and giant bear paws, the beast made a terrifying figure. 
            Jean pulled out his dagger and shouted, “I am not afraid of you! The witch controlling your mind who put you under this will be destroyed!”
            The beast roared and slashed Jean’s shoulder. Jean quickly covered his shoulder and charged at the beast dagger extended shouting threats all the way. Jean managed to dart in and slash the beast’s side causing a vibrating roar. As he was running in to attack again the beast slammed his arm into Jean causing him to fly across the room into a stone wall. Jean slid to the floor cradling his left arm. 
            “You think you are so clever now do you?” The beast threw his head back and laughed.
            Gritting his teeth Jean slammed his dagger into the beast’s eye making the beast drop him, but the beast’s claws slashed him on the face as he fell. 
            Trying to blink blood out of his eyes, Jean began running towards the stairs seeing dawn’s summer light peeking across the mountains. If he could only make it up the stairs he would be fine. 
            Just as he reached the bottom steps, he felt a paw grab his collar and drag him back. The beast roared, “You will not escape you insolent fool, you will die here alone!”
With that the beast slashed through his stomach, threw him on a sack of flour, and darted away leaving him in the cellar. 
            “Jean? Jean where are you? Maybel said you would be down her so I-” Elizabelle broke off with a gasp. “Jean what happened to you? Is this is what keeps happening making you all sad? Oh, I need to stop the bleeding.”
            Jean blocked Elizabelle’s outstretched hand and coughed blood coming from his mouth. “There is no use,” he rasped, “You must find a way to break-” Jean broke off swearing under his breath. “You must help the others no matter what. I am about to die-”
            “No! No you can’t die!” Elizabelle moaned and supported him in her arms, “I can’t do it! I don’t know how!”
            “Belle, listen,” Jean gasped out. “You must figure it out in one months time or else the others are doomed. You can save…” Jean eyes grew unseeing and his body went limp as he let go of his final breath. 
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