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I enjoy to write and I always have, so I might as well start entering competitions and stuff so I can strengthen my writing techniques.

6th Grade Solo Munch

February 13, 2016

    I took a step, scared for my life and the unknown. I looked around and felt as if someone was watching me, studying my every move. I glanced around nervously, careful not to trigger my crazy peers. I made my way to a table, which was too close to kids who were obviously older than me. I sat down and scrunched up, trying to be invisible. However, much to my despair, I was only making it harder for me to breathe. I stopped making myself compact and took a gasp of the bland, slightly smelly air. “Gross”,  I mumbled.

    It was early September, so not too cold, not too hot, but still had the bright summer sun. That was routine for the first few weeks of my new school. Just me sitting next to tall, odorous boys that didn’t seem to mind me at all, which never actually bothered me. My loneliness was getting more and more apparent and I decided I needed to make some friends, at least someone to get my nerve-ridden self away from the large, loud, giants that I was stuck to sit by. So I decided to join a club.
    I went for about two weeks. It was the basic anti-social kid move, the one where they find a more unpopular activity due to the lack of cooperation skills they own. Yeah, I know. Not the best “kid -who-figures-it-all-out-story”, but I’ll take what I could get.

    I walked in and saw someone from my previous year, back in Elementary. Oh how it felt years behind me. Nobody from my old school wanted to talk to me anymore, so when I found someone who was just as lonely as I was, I was excited. Unfortunately, they actually made friends. However, they still let me hang out. I kept talking to them every week, and we slowly became a group of friends. Finally I didn't feel so alone in this scary place called "middle school".

    I quickly learned that three of them, the ones that were more quiet, were in my lunch mod. I explained my situation of sweaty, titanous boys and the tear-inducing odors. Including my overwhelming feeling of loneliness and eternal boredom. They decided to think about it, because they weren't entirely sure about letting some crazy, talkative, but yet lacking basic conversation skills, boy to their female-dominated table. I waited for what seemed like forever, even though it was probably a couple days. I swear that air had more than just sweat in it. I lost track of time constantly while sitting there. They finally decided to let me sit at their table, but little did I know, that I would be sitting with my soon-to-be best friend, and we are still best friends to this day.
Loosely based on my own personal experiences.


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