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I hope I don't offend anyone with this; it's just my personal experience with religion, and I still admire the principles of Christianity.
This is an (extremely) rough draft so any constructive feedback is appreciated :)

say the word, and you'll be free

February 10, 2016


9 times turning those cellophane pages, looking for a little sliver of comfort in between the lines of “thou shall not” ‘s  

8 years old when receiving my first condemnation to hell.

7 teary nights spent wondering what will happen to my soul while the molecules of my ashes find themselves stuck to the walls of hospitals and picnic benches and dreamsicle beaches. 

6 times I stared at a kaleidoscope of holy colors and listened to the words tumbling out of the pastor’s mouth like children playing sharks and minnows but couldn't hear.

5 times the hymns of love rang out in the steeple, and 5 times that warmth and love was able to seep through the pores of everyone but me

4 pairs of hands intertwined and faces turned upwards, smiling, like they were running to meet an old friend in the airport

3 times I watched salty tears drip from merciful eyes, grateful to be accepted, grateful to be loved, grateful to be saved

2 times I willed the chills of spirits to roll down my spine and fill my mind with the answers I’m seeking

1 God I am told to put my trust in

0 times I believed.


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