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Glass Dome

January 5, 2019

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I am stuck in a glass dome 
On display but frozen in time
I watch as everyone around me roams 
Move on with their lives and leave be behind 
I watch the beauties of the world from the other side 
Unable to ever interact i let out a sigh 
My glass dome is sound proof
No matter how loud i yell no one hears my cries 
I put my hand on the glass feeling the barrier between meand what could be 
My deep breathe condenses as it crashes like waves fogging what i can see
My glass dome is my restraint 
I seek help and they tell me to wait 
But at this rate 
I’ll grow wrinkles before i grow freedom 
I throw my line but nothing is ever reeled in 
Because im alone 
In my glass dome 
I suppose im picture perfect because i never change 
But i could snap as many pictures as i wanted and still wouldn’t begin to graze 
The feeling of being outside my glass dome 
And yeah it sucks to be in a stuck in a maze 
But imagine seeing the outside and still never being able to turn the page 
It’s exhausting, to say the least 
To be stuck in a glass dome 
To call this invisible barrier home


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  • Quille

    This sums up my worst nightmare in a very beautiful & creative way :D I really enjoyed reading it and loved the original wording/phrases you used, especially the last line 'to call this invisible barrier home'. Fantastically, masterfully done! :DD
    Also, welcome to WtW!!

    over 1 year ago
  • Mangolover

    This was really deep, and I loved it! Your piece gave out a lot of emotions, especially ones that the reader could feel. I really loved the way you expressed the solitude of being in a glass dome, and great job with this!! Have fun & keep writing :P

    over 1 year ago