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Tori Twa

United States

Evil Hilltop

February 10, 2016


In a place with a darkened history no longer open to the human soul, curiosity roams. Left to be taken over by nature and to become home to the unknown stands one of the dreariest Victorian buildings in our small home town of Wyoming, the old state hospital, Hilltop. Few have explored the crumbling structure while others are not ballsy enough for the task. Death, murder, depression, and anger whisper through the walls. As I stand at the border of the driveway looking ahead of me, I take a few long heavy breaths and make my way up to Hilltop. I kept telling myself you should have chosen truth.
         I became so thrilled when I got invited to the sleepover. I packed my things into my old green backpack and scurried out right away. Everyone sat there enjoying a fantastic evening while the night slowly began to creep in. Then the fun began, a good old fashion game of Truth or Dare. I was the so called lucky one to go first. Being the person I am I decided to get the ball rolling. I chose dare. What a foolish mistake. My poor soul got dared to spend an hour inside the old state hospital Hilltop. My only supplies included a tiny pocket flashlight and a ten year old worn out down jacket.
         We all headed down to that dreaded driveway to watch me walk to what seemed to be my death. As I stood there, staring into the eyes of the beast, I looked back and whispered to my friends, "I can do this,” while feeling all my bones quiver out of their place. I turned back around ready to conquer my mission. Hell, how long could an hour really feel. Little did I realize, an hour could feel like a lifetime and a half.
         I slowly reached the hospital while glimpsing at the exterior I noticed beautiful carvings blanketed over the moss bricks. Still bone shaking yet gorgeous. The wrap-around deck had molding boards with some missing pieces to them. The grand doorway had almost escaped from its hinges. Just beyond the doorway the most evil darkness I have encountered yet in my life. While I stood there it felt as if I was saying my last goodbye to the world. Finally, I grew some courage and worked my way inside.
         The interior felt damp. The air had an extremely musty smell to it. Aromas of asbestos lurked around each hall entering through my nose into my steel lungs. I roamed the empty dead rooms. Chills jolted up and down my body knowing someone probably died in that room or received the worst news of their life. The echoes of heartbreak and agonizing cries still could be heard. The old rusty hospital beds stood bodiless, untouched by a living soul for decades. The paint lining the walls crumbled at the touch of life. Paper work of previous patients lined the floor, crunching with each movement made.
         I was anxiously awaiting for my time to be up. Two different feelings began emerging within my body. I wandered around still scared to death something of the unknown happening to me but a sense of appreciation was starting to bloom. At this time it was time to return to life and leave. A bittersweet feeling lifted me as I jolted myself out of that hospital. I knew I would never return but I grew grateful for the history and spooky stories this building brought to our small home town. Although it was barren it was beautiful.
Exploring a building left to die gave me an appreciation for things in life. Nothing lasts forever.  The darkness may have taken over every square inch yet history still managed to tell its story. Reuniting with my friends felt like a happily ever after ending. I learned my lesson though, be a coward and chose truth.


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  • Aoife Gray

    Your opening line was awesome! You use such gorgeous language too, love your descriptions

    almost 3 years ago