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QUILLE!!!!!!! this contest was SO fun! hope you enjoy my attempt at a cliffhanger!!!

I Dare You | #cliffhangerqueencontest

January 6, 2019


    "Hey!" a voice called from the distance.  "Hey, you!  Hey!"
    I turned around to see someone that I've never met before.  You see, I'm not good at meeting new people because that's impossible.  This is gonna be great!  Yay!  My anxiety gonna say, "Hiya, frand!" to me because I've had awful social situations.  
    The figure comes up to me.  He's...  Oh, Jesus Christ...  He's gorgeous.  He's lean but he has those toned muscles, his sharp jawline, and his eyes...  His eyes are the most beautiful shade of green I've ever seen.  It's poison and honey mixed.
    "Hey," he said as he caught his breath.
    "Uh...  H-hi," I managed.
    He gave me a funny look.  Holy sh*ttles...  His nose scrunched and his mouth curled into a sly smile.
    "You don't talk much, do you?" he questioned.
    Woah...  woah, woah, woah...  Did you just guess something correct about me?  WOW!  That never happens because everyone thinks I'm social because of the way I look.  I have big eyes, which everyone says are pretty, and they are an ocean blue color with some turquoise highlights to them. My hair is long, blond, and wavy.  I put on makeup, but not too much that I look fake.  My clothes are trendy: cropped white sweater with super high-rise black leggings and white Filas sneakers.  My backpack is gray with a faux-leather bottom.  But as they say...  Looks can be deceiving.  
    I looked at him with a shy look.  My cheeks turned a rosy color that was never often seen on me.
    "No," I said and looked down at my feet.
    "Come with me," he said.
    I look up and cocked a brow at him.  
    "Why?  I-I don't even kn-know you," I mumbled.
    "So?  You're pretty," he said.
    My face went from confusion to terrified.  I know what you're thinking...  "You're paranoid!  Go with him; he's hot!"  
    But in the name of God, I will not go with him.  He's looking even more sketchy than he did before.  His lips curl into a devilish smile and his eyes narrow.  I can see his muscles tense up and him shifting into a ready position.
    My only instinct is to run, so I run like hell.  Satan's never seen anyone run like this before.
    "Keep running!" the guy laughed, "I dare you!"
    I'm running faster and faster and faster.  I definitely beat my 100 meter track time right now, but little did I know what lied ahead of me...
    I ran right into it: a trap waiting for its mouse.  I ran and suddenly fell.
    "HOLY SHEET!" I yelped, "GOD DA--!"
    Then I hit the ground and heard something crack.
    "OW!  JESU--!"
    Just before I could finish complaining, I looked up and say that hot, evil guy looking at me and laughing.  
    I spat my own blood and struggled to stand up, but I managed to.  My left side hurt, and I immediately knew that I must've broken a rib or two.  I picked up a stick-like object and held it in my hand.  His back was faced to me and his mouth was silent except for the deep breathing going in and out.  In and out...  In and out...
    I walked as silently as I can to him with the stick raised.  I forced myself to keep in the pain until I wacked the back of his head.  I'm just behind him.  I take the swing, but he catches it and twists his arm and yanks, forcing me to the ground with a painful thud.
    "OW!  YOU SONOFA--"
    "Now, now, now, naughty girl...  Or should I say Brooklyn Butler.  Do--"
    "How in God's name do you know who I am?"
    He looked at me with that same devilish smile he did when my face turned to confusion right before I ran into this stupid trap.  Then he started to give a slow, easy going laugh that reminded me of an anime villain kind of.  Like the "hot" (they're not hot, but I'm tryna describe it) ones who don't have the mad scientist laugh that makes you wanna be deaf.  It was a deep laugh.
    "Satan," I said.
    He looked at me and his eyes flashed red.
    "What did you call me?"
    He went at me and started to beat me up.  He kicked me, punched me, picked me up, and dropped me.  Before I knew it, I was out cold.







to be continued...



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  • Quille

    Winners announced! :)
    Thank you for entering :DD

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  • Christy Wisdom

    Hey, I wrote another poem! I think from now on, if you don't mind, I'll just dm you pm discord when I have another one so it doesn't clog up your comments sections.

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  • .audrey michelle.


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  • Quille

    Aight! This is really awesome :DD That guy sounds like a real jagoff (which we learned is another thing people dahn here don't know about :D

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