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I just wanted too tell every one about my friend background


February 10, 2016

One day me and my dad went to baseball expecting a normal day of regular baseball.But then a kid was just sitting there so I decided to go over there and play catch with him and then we  started talking about how we like he said “oh yeah I really like to play baseball and I also love playing hockey” then I said “hey I like to play hockey and baseball too!”. Later that week me and Sam started hang out and we started playing catch and then we found out that we go to the same school.And we also found out that we live almost right next to each other.
And as it turns out me and Sam have became really good friends and we have had some difficult times to live with but we have remained really close friend still.But then we met another two people that said “Wow you guys sound pretty cool we should be friends”.So that is how me and my four main friends came to be us.


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