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Taurus, 17, trying to write as much as possible to clear the fog that often resides in my head. I have had a writing block for a long time now but determined to escape it. I have a lot of writing insecurities so be nice. Please..

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This poem is about how love easily love can delude us and trick us into spending time with the wrong people despite them being physically / emotionally harmful for us in the long term. Hope you enjoy <3

I Danced With The Devil Last Night

January 4, 2019


I danced with the devil last night,
Her lips were a peculiar shade of red an'
her figure so slight
When I held her she were a cigarette,
we danced n' pieces of her fell away
as broken ash marched the rhythm
to which our hips would sway

Oh, how I danced with the devil last night,
an' as our limbs grew tired
began to remove her clothes, 
an' she was starting to liking me,
she supposed

Whilst dancing with the devil last night
We put on an awfully good show
she brought me near,
whispering words no human'd dare to hear
The wind an' the streetlights our audience
our dance all they could see,
movements in unison hushed them happily

I was dancing with the devil last night,
When her little white teeth carved the skin
off my back,
Blood shed n' stained my shirt and skin black
I didn't stop to ask her why,
The night was young, 
she was beautiful an' no-one deserved to cry

But then, 
I leant in for a kiss with the devil last night, 
an' saw her lips all painted,
achingly red, 
an' as our mouths met 
she bit down so hard I bled

I did a toast with the devil last night
Heads titled, we drank the remaining wine
'Twas cheap, tasted fine,
an' there I started (n' haven't stopped)
laughing at the human fool
how pretty lips, a little waist 
will make a devil seem not so cruel


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  • Anha

    ...wow. the way you wrote this, i didn't even realise you were rhyming, it flowed so smoothly. with the line, she were a cigarette, i was hooked. i've never read this comparison before but you make it work so well! this is an amazing piece and you should be proud of it beyond belief.

    9 months ago
  • Ruthh

    This is so beautiful!

    9 months ago