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How I Lost my Best Friend

February 10, 2016

It all started in 2nd grade which was probably one of the best years of my school life. Their was this new kid named Eli and we right away we both started talking. He was not a shy kid, I was still a little shy but not as much as I was in kindergarten. Me and him would hang out on the playground all the time and get in trouble all the time. I remember we were coming back from lunch and we had to carry the basket full of the kids lunches, We started to run in the halls and than we dropped the basket and flew out all the kids lunch boxes. Our teacher who was right around the corner saw us running and we both got in trouble. She told us that we had to flip our cards which meant that if our card was green, if you got in trouble or distracting you would flip it to yellow which meant warning. Orange meant 2nd warning and red meant calling home.
Fast forward to 4th grade and this was a time where girls started to like the boys. I was one of those girls. So Eli was in my class and I was so happy and so was he, But their was this one girl that I never really liked because we used to get into arguments about so many things that were not even a big deal. She was in my class and I didn’t like that because she would try to talk to Eli all the time and try to make him, Her best friend. So I became the jealous best friend. Eli didn't know anything about her aseptically about how mean she was to people. I didn’t say anything to him until he started to ignore me which I felt like I had no one to talk to because I talked to him about everything.
Fast forward to 5th grade and now we were just friends and we didn’t talk as much as we did. The girl that was mean to me was not in my 5th grade class, Thank God because I would had been miserable. Eli was in my class and to me it was a little awkward we never talked as much as we did. A little into the 1st month of school we started talking a lot again which I was really happy about. I felt like I just got my best friend all over again. I told him all kinds of stuff that happened over the summer and he told the same. Now it's the middle of the year and it's christmas break. That to me I was not looking forward to because I couldn't see Eli at all. Christmas break is supposed to be time to where schools off and you should be happy about it but I was not. Of course when christmas break was over and I was so happy to go see all my friends but for sure Eli but it turned out that was his last day before he left for Virginia. When he told me it felt like I got punched in the stomach. I was so sad and I knew he felt the same way. On the way home on the bus and it was my stop I said goodbye and walked in the aisle on my way to get out of the door but then he called my name and then he hugged me. That was probably on of my favorite hugs ever


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