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My best friend day

February 10, 2016

    I woke up at 6:00 am and started to get ready for another school day,I rolled my limp body out of my queen sized bed, And made my towards my fairly large walk in closet. I then pick out what I am going to wear for the day. I grabbed a cute dress, the top being tan and the bottom being a white lace skirt. I pick my tan heels that match the top of my dress. I add teal earrings, a pearl necklace, and a brown purse with some ruffles on it. I don't like to eat breakfast since I eat a pretty early lunch at school. So I got my bag together and made my way to the bus stop, hoping to see my good friend Taylor waiting there for me.
    “Hey Taylor.” I said
“Hey Marisa.” She said back. We both saw the bus coming and we made our way to where the bus would pick us up. We got on the bus and Taylor and I sat together. We listen to our music till we finally arrived at school.
    We walked in together and split at the end of the hallway to go to our lockers. I looked at her and she gave me a dirty look. Why was this I thought. Whatever i'll see her in geography and it will be all good.
    The rest of the day went by fast. Now It was time for geography, I hope Taylor isn't mad. I walked in and immediately saw Taylor sitting at our normal table, I went to sit down and she moved.
“Taylor why are you moving?” I asked
“Whatever.” She responded. I'm not sure what I did to make her so mad. My other group of friends walked in and sat by Taylor and I was there alone. She called me a mean name from across the room.
I started to cry then I left school and drove home. When I got home I got a one way ticket to Jamaica, Where I would work at a llama farm.
And that's how I lost my best friend Taylor. Then she found a new Sister and all was good. Cause I married a llama
Life was good living in jamaica with my husband the llama. Then I decied that I missed my best friend so I moved back home to reunight. I LOVE LIFE GO TEAM.


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