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Its all the things I love

Its a big deal. Not really

February 27, 2015

The smell of vintage clothes fresh out the chest in your attic, its comforting, brings back memories of that time you went on a date for the first time and you both were nervous to hold hands but when you did the world stopped and your skin began to melt. The feeling from the warmth of the sun against your skin when your cold, like a hug that never ends when mum comes home from a long day at work and you just had a break up and the only thing in the world that can fix it is mums hugs . And the taste of Rainbow Sorbert tickling your tongue like when you were seven and it was the best thing in the world because you were only allowed to have it when mum and dad were together at the same time on the same beach for the first time since last moth and you know thats how it'll be till next month!


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