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This New Year

January 3, 2019


This new year starts with sadness
Not necessarily the bad kind
The kind that shows progress
and signs of moving on

This new year starts with cutting
breaking free from rope
Because sometimes holding on
hurts much more than letting go

This new year starts with comfort
With hugs that never end
With people proving they care about you
That are worthy of calling a friend

This new year starts with crying
I take your hand in mine
Because you and I want to go all the way
Though we face new obstacles to climb

This new year can start off rocky
Uneasy, and a little scared
But it's time to move from sad little things
And on to better memories
Just waiting to be shared

Happy New Year Loves! A lot has happened recently that has made getting into a happier spirit very hard. I intend to move past it of course, but currently I am going through a period of hurting and sadness. I look forward to progressing through to the next stages :) Hope you're all well, sending best wishes 


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1 Comment
  • Quille

    Beautiful! I love the feeling and emotion you put into this :DD

    12 months ago