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A Commentary On The Weather

January 3, 2019

Walls and clouds
All hail the dreamer, who once stood
upon a stretch of land
and saw nothing to obstruct an equal view
For now we see nothing; the nightmares
have built a wall
separating us from the dreamland
we so desperately tried to create
All hail the dreamer, who once, 
so overcome by the possibilities,
to see a new world
Would that our tears could be
not residue from the pouring rain
All hail the dreamer,
for they beheld no clouds
when they looked upon this land

Bridges and sunlight
I tend the garden after the storm while the soil is still wet
marveling at how the world seems greener and brighter
after such a solemn moment
And it is just me
and the garden
as I stitch the world into something even more beautiful
a bridge between the darkness and the new light
After the rain comes the new day:
after the clouds comes the sun


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1 Comment
  • PureHeart

    Love the contrast of these two pairs of poems!

    11 months ago