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The Color Surrounding Us Prologue

January 3, 2019


"Where is it?" The captain of the guard roared as he searched frantically. The night was cold, and he had left the door to the house. The warm air evaporated and we were all shivering. "I know you're holding it somewhere in here," He jutted his chin out to me and I dug my foot into the ground. 
"And where would that be, Sir Regulus?" He scowled at my act of innocence. "Where would I be holding it?" He hesitated, the scowl still drawn across his face like an ugly scar and his eyes narrowed suspiciously. "I'd be quite curious if I had it somewhere in my house." The old hag was deaf. 
"No one else has it, it's gotta be here." This time it was his eyes that scowled. I shifted my weight, trying to act suspicious. The more I could waste his time with him digging around in my house, the more time Elliah and Isaac would have to succeed. 
"But where, where would I be hiding it?" I tried to make my voice raise a note higher, trying to act scared, nervous. 
It worked. He chained me up without even finding the Blade and threw me into my other home. 
A home that suited me more. "Stay in here until you starve, Faith." He spat. 
I smiled wickedly. "With pleasure." He was stupid, didn't he know that look in my eye, that look that I was harboring something that would cost me treason? No, he left and slammed the door after himself. 
My smile stayed. 
It stayed and stayed. "Hide the Blade of Memora," I said coldly to my son, I knew he was here, listening. I knew he wanted desperately to free me but this was my home. I knew he'd follow my commands. 
And like my wicked smile, I stayed. 
I stayed until I rotted, and my smile is still on my mortal body. 
And the ghost of Faith Reed is harboring the Memory Blade. 
Ready for you to find it. 


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