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The Color Surrounding Us

January 3, 2019


My head pounds like there's an erupting volcano from it. My eyes flutter open and I remember immediately where I am.
I am on the battlefield. 
I push myself up to my elbows and look around, breathing in the smoke and hacking it up soon after. I'm ashamed to say that smoke was not the only thing I coughed up. Blood splattered under me, and I sighed, weakened. 
I didn't want to scream, I wanted to show bravery, but I couldn't even stand. My brown hair ruffles in the wind and my bright green eyes become focused on a young girl
She's on my team, but I don't know her. 
Shes only about eleven years old and sent into war like we all were in our first year, but this is our first war against the Reeders, our first blurry war. 
We have no idea what's to happen, but I know the skies ahead will be stormy. 
Her face is covered in blood and tiredness and pain ran across it like scars, yet still, she continues to fight, which is more than I can say for myself.
"Please Lord," I whispered. "Please have mercy on her." I knew that our God would not save her though, so I did the only thing I had to. 

I couldn't describe it. 
I was tossed to the ground from the impact. 
It happened in slow motion, but not slow enough for me to stop it. I was thrown into the blade because of my love for her. 


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