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What are friends?

February 9, 2016

Kelli woke up at 6:30 A.M. Like usual, tired and groggy, to get ready for school. She went into the bathroom and looked at herself in the mirror. “Am I happy?”, she wondered, “Am I honestly and truthfully happy about everything I have and everything I have done to make it this way?”. She didn't have an answer for that. She went into her closet and plopped on a pair of skinny jeans, then put on a red T-shirt. Now, Kelli was extremely tall, and although her clothes were perfect, not to baggy, to show her model like figure, her tall physique hindered, for just a little of her mid-riff would show whenever she sat down somewhere, like a chair in school.Everyday she would disregard this, saying “you know what? This is okay.” Knowing that it obviously wasn't. Kelli begged her mom to take her shopping since she was short on clothing since the 6th grade. But Kelli's mom always turned her down saying “Kelli, didn't I take you shopping 2 weeks ago, and the week prior to that?” She did, for her little sister Jen. Kelli went downstairs and put in 2 pieces of toast. She grabbed the butter and noticed that it was almost out. She grabbed a pink Post-it note and wrote “GET SOME BUTTER FROM THE STORE” In all capital letters. She peeped out the window and noticed it was a gloomy rainy January day. She went upstairs and grabbed a blue umbrella and a pink hoodie. She grabbed her backpack filled with clutters of papers and her broken binder that she needed to replace. She walked out the door and walked to school. The rain was pouring harder than ever. Once she got at school, her hair was drenched, and unaware that her backpack was open the whole time, so was last night's homework. Melody, Kelli's best friend shows up and complains about the rain.
“Man!”, she began, “This rain is killing me!”
“Tell me about it!”, Kelli replied, “My hair's drenched and so is my homework. I'm screwed!”
“No big deal, it will dry up. So, aren't you excited? 8th grade's almost over!”
A little grin showed on Kelli's face, “Of course!”
“Soon we're going to be freshmen and you're going to venture this journey with me!”
The bell rang. Funny after 3 years it didn't sound like a bell at all! “Talk to you later Kel.” Melody said.
First Period was a drag. Second period, the announcements came on. The minute Kelli heard the words “Magnet School Seminar, today during third period.” She was awestruck. She thought of all the possibilities there were for her. If there was one thing that Kelli loved to do, it was act. Whether it was TV or live, and she recalled a school that had a great acting program there. After thinking though she shrugged it off, knowing that she would not be with her best friend if she got in. After going into the gym where the seminar was held, many people from several magnet schools each came to discuss the possibilities that came with going to their school. After the seminar was over, many people herded around the many tables displaying their flyers and picked up several. Kelli picked up the flyer for the arts school and said to herself, “you know what, I'll try out just for kicks!”. At lunch, Kelli sat down and ate a slice of Pizza, holding the flyer in her hands feeling prideful and confident for the first time in years. Melody shows up with some orange chicken from the a-la-carte line.
“Hey Kel,” She said with a grin “What did you think of that little seminar thing?”
Kelli was about to say it was interesting but seeing Melody's grin on her face, there was no way that she could get the guts to say what she really felt inside.
“Psht,” she began, “It was a really stupid seminar, It's pointless, especially since I'm spending High School with you!”
“Great!”, She replied.
“Hey Mel, how long have we known each other for?”
“Like 4 or 5 years. Why?
“I feel like I STILL don't know who you are, and you're my best friend!”
Melody thought Kelli was insane but complied anyways, “Well, lets start here. I'm Melody Baker. And you are?”
“I'm Kelli Jones”
They talked and got a chance to re-know eachother after 4 or 5 years.
When Kelli got home after school, she realized that she and Melody have not a single thing in common, rather they befriended out of pure loneliness and desperation when they both moved to the same city.
She was determined to get into that school, not just for the acting program, but to get a good name and a good start for herself.
Once Kelli talked to her mom about going to school there, she excitedly agreed, jumping up and down, after all, it's a 5 star school and their Jazz program won several Grammys. In addition, they take academics very seriously for there is not a single soul at this school with anything below an overall GPA of a 2.5. Kelli looked at the date and realized that auditions came in a blink of an eye, two weeks to be exact. “You know what,” she said with a smile on her face, “I need to get cracking at this!”
For the remainder of the week she started prepping for her audition, making sure that each expression on her face was perfectly clear and that each line was memorized. She practiced with passion and persistence, knowing that the acting program is by far, the hardest program to get into at this arts school.
Days after the audition was over, Kelli never felt so good. All of the weights that have been on her shoulders were finally lifted off by a winged angel. Kelli eagerly waited day after day for the letter which was expected to come during the week of spring break.
Then it hit her. There is still one heavy weight that she has to lift off and her name is Melody. What will Kelli do? She hasn't even told her best friend that there is a 50 percent chance that she is leaving her for good. “Mel wouldn't care, why would she?”, Kelli thought, “She was desperate before, let her be desperate now! She can make new friends and we would both be happy this way!” But simultaneously Kelli was afraid. “Maybe I should turn down the offer wether or not I got in, I mean, Mel needs me! And besides, it's a stupid theater program!”
Spring Break came and so did the day of the letter! After eagerly opening the letter, she found out that she made it in. Kelli was filled with tears of joy! After her mom signed the paper saying that she claimed the spot into their program Kelli rushed on her computer and logged on to Facebook. She typed a status saying that she made it into the arts school! But little did she know that Melody was lurking the entire time.
One day Kelli logged on to Facebook and she got a message from Melody.
“R u going?” She asked
“Well duh, I worked my butt off to get into this school! You can't expect me to turn down the offer for you!” Kelli replied.
“Yes you can! You should because I'm your best friend and you need me!”
“Really? If you were my best friend, then how come you're unappreciative of what I've done?”
“Why are you going?” After waiting for 10 minutes Melody ended it with “You know what? You suck and I hate you!”
The messages were endless and Kelli was taunted all day and night! “Oh crap! I'm going to survive the next two months with Melody and I have no idea how I'm going to do this!”
During school, Kelli and Melody didn't talk at all. They spent their lunch eating together but in silence.
They did this for the next month.
By the end of the year on the last day of school, Kelli lied down on her bead and realized “You know what? I've never needed her! Melody was ignorant and pushing her out of my life made me gain more control!” Kelli felt very very happy and spent the rest of the summer thinking of the opportunities she would have in pursuing an acting carrer and starting over.


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