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Josie and I

February 9, 2016

I used to have a simple life, a loving family, good grades, I was captain of the hockey team and most of all I had a best friend. But 2016 came rolling around and the earth started to fall in front of me. Josie and I were inseparable, we ate together, she practically lived at my house the whole summer. Well, that is until Brayden came into town, tall, athletic, handsome, and most of all single. Josie started going crazy one day about Brayden and knew she wanted him, “He said hi to me today while I was walking back from the gas station!! Can you believe?!?.” I replied, “ Josie, all he said was hi, it’s not like he asked you to marry him.” On the outside I was calm, but on the inside, I was jealous and mad that he noticed her before he noticed me. This went on for weeks and finally, one she had some news, “Oh my gosh, you will never believe what just happened! It was Brayden, he asked me out an hour ago and I said yes.” I was mad and couldn’t believe what just happened, but the just couldn’t come out of my mouth. “Congrats Josie, your dating Brayden.” Like any other 16 year old girl, the new, cute boy asking you out was the coolest thing ever in your head and maybe it is but to it’s like the titanic just crashed into me. They have been dating for month and half now, I’m always third wheeling on dates with them, I don’t mind it because I get to see Brayden except he’s holding my best friends hand and not mine.
But that until one day came around, Josie was sick that day and she couldn’t come over or else I might get her nasty fever. One thing though, Josie forgot to tell Brayden she wouldn’t be at my house. It was lunch, I was out on my porch eating some strawberries when I saw Brayden car coming in my direction. When he stepped out, I think my heart skipped a beat, he was so casual yet so handsome at the same time wearing just jeans and a shirt. “Hey Liz, is Josie here, she hasn’t been returning my calls all day.” being the good friend I told the truth, “Oh hey Brayden, Josie has a bit of a fever but if you want, you can stay and we can hang out for the day.” So he stayed and let me tell it was one of the best days ever, we went biking, swimming and sat in the grass with bare feet touching the green strands of grass coming out of the dirt. We layed there for awhile looking at the clouds moving by, it was about eleven o’clock at night when I made it home, still flushed from blushing all day. The next day, Josie was better but, heartbroken. “How can he do this to me.” She sobbed, “I was away from him for a day and he decides that he likes someone else and wants to break up.” So, I explained what had happened the other day, “ Josie trust me it meant nothing to me, but I don’t know about him.” She forgave me and we made a pact that day, if one of us liked the other ones boyfriend, we would tell the other and speak the truth. I never lost Josie after all, now two years later, we are walking down the aisle in our graduation caps and gowns getting ready to accept our diplomas while wearing matching dresses. I learned something from that summer, never keep something from your best friend because you will have to tell them eventually and could risk losing your closest partner. It’s better that they hear it from you than from someone who never talks and sits at back of the room. Because maybe then and only then can you sit back and laugh about it two years later while saying, “ We got through this together Josie. Now, should we paint our dorm red or blue.”


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