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Playground Treason

February 9, 2016

    I have been friends with Mackenzie since kindergarten. But looking back on it we did not seem to be much of “friends”. Infact we despised each other. Because we were both “popular”, we were always silently fighting to get to the top. We would still go to each other's birthday parties and the once in awhile have play dates but we were just doing that cause we felt we had to. Since are little sisters were friends we were always together. It wasn't intel 5th grade that we finally admitted we didn't like each other. Then all hell breaks loose on the playground. Rumors are spread, secrets are told, and a argument of who's on Mack's team and who's on Lily's arises. 

    A year has passed now and were in 6th grade and going into middle school. Because most of our school went to sunrise we were once again stuck with each other. The first couple of weeks we acted as if everything was fine we talk, laughed, and gossiped like any friend would. But then we started talking about last year. Mackenzie was the first to ask the question: “You know I don't know if you know but in elementry school I didn't really like you”. I paused to act a little shocked but it really didn't come as much of a surprise. Then I replied “Well, I didn't really like you much either, but I guess we're stuck with each other”. We both laughed and then rode our bikes home. Well I was riding home I was relieved to finally have a civilized conversation and 


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