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Alright... I am not a certified theologian. So, this story is completely my opinion on what happened in Exodus 12. I don't really understand the whole "firstborn son" thing (did every firstborn son die, even if they're past a certain age??), but I tried. I enjoy learning about stuff, so, if you have a better understanding, let me know!

Passover #myfirstcontest

January 5, 2019


"Nenet! Come in here," I call, keeping my hands steady as I brush my fingers through Safiya's tangled curls. I hear footsteps from the great room as Nenet enters. She keeps her eyes low in respect to me. "Can you tell your husband to make sure that the gates are locked? It's getting very late." Nenet gives me a nod and slips out the front door, her leather sandals clapping on the stone steps. 
"Grandmother, are you done yet?" Safiya grumbles, pushing my hands away from her hair. I sigh and sit back, excusing her. She still looks like a mess, I think and lie down on the light divan. 
Silence envelops me as I shut my eyes and wish for sleep. I drape an arm over my eyes and whisper beneath my breath, "Oh great Tutu, please grant me peaceful rest." 
The door slams open and I sit up, my prayer momentarily interrupted. My son, Maat, stands in the doorway, his expression pinched. His wife, Nenet stands behind him, holding onto the hand of their eldest child, Amon. 
"Mother, they've taken another one of the sheep," Maat hisses, spittle flying from his lips. I stand to my feet in surprise. Maat runs a hand through his hair. "This time, it was one of the gifts from Nenet's family. What am I to do about these Israelites. For four days, mother, this has been happening. I am tired of ignoring it. I shall go to the Official in the morning, and, hopefully, he shall speak to Pharaoh Ramesses, bless his name." 
I nod quickly, "Of course, my son. I will no longer tolerate those Israelites." 
As Maat shuts the door, Nenet looks me in the eyes, her gaze troubled. "Mother, I've heard some of the Israelite women talking. They say this is a Passover. The Prophet Moses told them--" 
"Silence! Do not speak that rubbish in my home," I growl. Amon flinches, pressing himself against his mother's lean body. I notice Safiya fidgeting in the corner and I clear my throat. "Amon, Safiya, go and get yourselves dressed for bed. It's much too late for you to stay up any longer."
As soon as the children leave, I take a step toward Nenet. "I refuse to listen to those Israelites, and so should you. I don't want the children to hear that" I attempt to say it gently, but it comes out forced and rough. 
Nenet drops her gaze. "I apologize. But, they say that their God will punish them severely if they don't obey his instructions. The punishment is--" 
"Nenet, please. My mother has asked you not to speak of it," Maat interrupts. He takes his wife's hand and smiles at her. "Go help the children prepare for bed." 
It happens much later, when we are all in bed. I cannot sleep. I dig my fingers into my blanket before sitting up, a pang stretching through my chest. I let out a gasp and try to step out of bed. I slip on part of the blanket and hit the floor. 
When I wake, it is because of screaming from the hall. Light is streaming through my open window. I blink, rubbing at the back of my head. I sit up slowly, holding onto the wall for purchase. As I step out of my room, I see Nenet backing up from her room, her hands pressed against her mouth. 
"Nenet? What is it?" I ask, my head pounding. Nenet doesn't speak, tears streaming down her cheeks and onto her shaking hands. I can only peer into the room. All I see is Maat sleeping, a blanket strewn over him. I glance back at Nenet, but she hasn't moved from her frozen state against the wall. 
I walk into the bedroom, glancing over at the children. Safiya is staring at me, her eyes wide. As I near Maat, I realize that he isn't moving. I kneel down beside him and shake his shoulder. "My son, wake up. Maat? Maat!" I scream, shaking his shoulder as roughly as I can. I can only look at his trembling wife. "What did you do? What did you do to my son?"
She shakes her head and sobs. I hear a whimper and glance over at Safiya. "Amon won't wake up," she whispers. I still, my words caught in my throat. Nenet rushes into the room and picks up Amon's still body. 
Surrounded by unexplainable death, we mourn and sob. 
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Quick explanation, in case you couldn't tell. The main character's son is Maat. Her daughter-in-law or her son's wife is Nenet. Their children are Amon and Safiya.


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  • Dmoral13

    Contest results are out!

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    =D Thanks! =D I'll be sure to give you a shout-out when I do. ;)

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  • korra4life

    Go ahead! I have no issues with you borrowing the idea!
    I kind of did this because of how much I liked your piece, "At Last."

    about 1 year ago
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    I've had this pinned to my search-bar for several weeks, because I wanted to read it ... finally did this morning.
    Superb writing!! Maybe I borrow/steal your idea and write my own experience of this passover? This was such a great idea. =) (It's perfectly alright if you don't want me to).
    God bless!

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    Wow. Just wow. This is incredible! Just wondering, because I don't think it says it in your profile, are you a Christian?

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