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Just a thing I wanted to get out of my head. :) Just fact, not fiction.


January 2, 2019


Today I went to get my learners permit to start driving. I stood in line, waited in a chair with my brother, and waited for the DMV lady to finish filling in my information. 

Then I took the test. I failed by 2 questions and was annoyed for the next 2 hours, and my brother did the same. I got over it, of course. But that isn’t the point of this piece. Someone else is. 

While we were there after failing, we saw another kid. Our mother struck up a conversation with the boy’s mother, and we learned that he hadn’t passed either- for the second time

For some reason, the boy stuck in my thoughts. He’d seemed so disappointed about not passing, and it made me sad. How much had he failed by?

I can’t explain why this encounter affected me so much, but I won’t soon forget it. He’ll stay in my prayers for a long time. 


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