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Friendship is what keeps us connected

February 9, 2016

    This story is about my best friend Nathan Haugen, and how we met.
It starts off in around 1st grade. We were sitting next to each other in our classroom and we started talking about after school things.
I asked him, “Hey Nathan, do you like to play video games?”
He said to me, “Yeah, I play them all the time.” For a bit I wondered, “maybe he can come over and we can play games together.” So then I quietly asked him, “You want to come over to my house sometime? I have a couple game systems we can play on.”
He replied to me, “Sure, I’ll ask my parents and see when we can schedule something.”
At the end of the day, we ended up walking to the bus, we talked the whole way there. When we got to our busses we said our goodbyes and rode home for the weekend. A couple weeks later we actually scheduled our sleepover, and he came over to our house. We played games, ate pizza, and we stayed up till 5 a.m. When he had to leave it was said, I told him, “I’ll see you again Monday.”
Then he smiled a little, and I went back home to go do homework I had left undone prior to the sleepover.
Now, we’re in 8th grade, it’s 2016, and it’s Monday, February 1st. Pretty much all my friends are gone, it’s just me in this life, but there is always one friend that I hope to never leave, and that’s Nathan. No matter that all my friends are in different classes than I am, at least I have my best friend to be there. There are a few other people I guess I could call “friends,” but I never really talk to them since I see them like once a day.. So in the end I’m pretty much just a boy, doing his best in school, in spite of the fact that I only has a couple friends left, and even now our friendship is growing weaker by the hour. It’s kinda sad that the school took away most of my friends, So I guess it’s just me and Nathan for now, at least until I can become friends with someone else, besides, I know it was good while it lasted, but you can have things that last a long time as long as you take care of it, and love it.


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