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Welcome Home

January 2, 2019


    I climb the stairs two at a time, my heart racing. She hasn't been home for a few days. She wouldn't let me see her at the hospital. She won't answer my phone calls. But, now, she's in our flat. I need to see her.
    I propel myself up the stairs by holding onto the freezing metal banister. As soon as I get to the top, my heart stops. Beige boxes are sitting outside our flat door. So is a bright blue suitcase. 
    I slowly unlock the door, my fingers tightening on the handle. I push open the rickety door gently, my pulse beating softly beneath my chest. As soon as the door opens, I see how messy the flat is. 
    I shut the door behind me and walk down the hall, seeing more bags and boxes shoved against the beige walls as I go. I stop in the family room, stunned at the madness spread out across all available space.
    "Alexa? Are you home?" I call out, spinning in a slow circle. My eyes wander over fallen picture frames, the sofa covered in clothes, a tray of food sitting on the floor by the balcony. I don't understand. 
    Alexa appears out of her bedroom, her blonde hair as lifeless as her expression. She gives me a once over before returning to what I assume must be her packing up her things. I notice the purplish bruise on her arms and the green one on her cheek. 
    "I wasn't expecting you so soon. I wanted to get the flat cleaned up a bit," I mumble and walk over to her. She ignores me and keeps packing. I frown as I recognize my loafers being shoved into the suitcase. "Are these mine?" 
    "It would be best if you left. I'd rather be alone" she whispers and walks off toward the kitchen. I stand there in the family room, still. She is kicking me out. She is kicking me out of my apartment. I spin around and follow her.
    "Mother's been worried. Have you called her yet?" I ask, trying to keep my patience. As her brother, I should be more understanding. She's went through so much.
    "I don't want to speak to her," Alexa murmurs. I sigh and start to say something but she turns toward me, her gaze daunting. Tears are streaking down her cheeks and I pause, my chest tight in pain. "You weren't there."
    All of the breath is knocked out of me and I look down at the ceramic tile floor. There is nothing I can say to excuse my absence. If I had been there before it happened... "I'm so sorry."
    "Get out. Get out and don't come back," Alexa growls, shoving me backwards. The silver whistle on her throat bounces as she moves. A simple watch on her wrist beeps as she hits me. "I don't need any of you. I don't want you around!" 
    "We can help you. We weren't there, I know. But, now I'm here. I will always be here for you" I whisper soothingly, trying to keep her calm. She shakes her head and walks away from me. I watch as she throws our pictures in a trash bag.
    "Louis, I said to get out. I'll leave your things outside. And tell mother that if she calls again, I'm changing my telephone number" Alexa snaps. In her anger, a photo of the two of us falls and hits the floor, glass and wood shooting out.
    I can't help myself. That picture was my favorite. "Stop pushing everyone away! Just stop it, Alexa!" I scream at the top of my lungs, my fury and hurt burning in my chest. She turns and shakes her head.
    "None of you were there for me. None of you were there!" she howls, wiping away at the tears on her face. She runs a hand through her hair and continues crying. "I don't want to see you, Louis. Please, leave."
    "I'm sorry. I'm so sorry," I whisper and pull her into an embrace. I don't know what else to do. What else can I do? She's right; she was hurting and wasn't there for her. I had promised her that I would always be there.
    "What did father say when he found out? He must be disgusted" Alexa whispers into my shoulder. I tighten my grip on her and shake my head. 
    "Not at all. He wants to see you. Let's go to Cambridge and see him. We can see mother in Birmingham later" I say softly. Alexa nods against my chest. We stay like that, holding onto each other, for God knows how long. But that's alright.
    I can't let go of her again.


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  • korra4life

    Thanks so much!

    10 months ago
  • Quille

    This is really fantastic! I love the way you conveyed the emotions of both of the characters and provided their backstory without actually saying anything outright :DD
    Really well done! :DD

    10 months ago