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Lull Me To Sleep.

February 18, 2015

PROMPT: Floating


   Have you ever felt, like you were floating?

   Like suddenely, your whole world has been thrown inside out?

   And all you can hear is the breathing being drummed out of broken hearts and lustful intentions?

   Well . . . you're not alone.

   It may be just the cars rolling by - clouding the air around us with hurt, or the sounds of your voice, lulling me to rest. To sleep.

   But maybe it's more than that.

   Maybe it's your face - you know, the one splashed with our constellations? The one in which I grazed my fingers on, finally reaching the stars and kissing the sun.

   Or maybe it's the tears splashing down your cheeks. The waterfalls in which we bathed in and the dropletts rinsing our bodies clean of sorrow. 


   Just maybe.

   Remember that day? The day when the leaves fell far from the trees and your hands lifted me against the sky. We were told that the sky was the limit. But we weren't one to follow the rules of gravity.

   By the time our hearts interlocked we were already gone - our hands and heads held high as we tumbled down those leaves.

   The leaves in which were covered in red.

   Just like your scarf.

   We danced and we danced - although cherries were clouding at our noses and frost bit at our faces. We fumbled and laughed just as snowflakes flushed our skin and tingled with sensations. 

   But as winter melted and was replaced with flowers - you faded away.

   Along with that, our constellations were broken, our promises empty and the sky was out of reach. Your face was there. But it disintegrated with ashes and blew away our spared fragments of stars. The smile that lifted your cheeks was being blown away. Almost like it was non - existant.

   And little did I know, that so was mine.

   So there we were, standing on the top of our dreams as humans passed by, ringing in their pregnant wives that they were almost home.

   But our "home", was unavailable.

  The strands of my split ends were strewn out to whisk my face into a cage. As well as the bounderies of fabric that were fisted against my flesh. I was tempted to let your sunshine blind my windows once again. But little did I know that your sunshine? It was transformed into moonlight.

   The sky reached out to me. I guess becuase the stars had broke free of it's consistant pattern. The stars that aligned the sky. The sky turned away - brightning each one after the next. Until the pattern ended. 

   With the sun.

   With that, I drifted away from the sky. Knowing that it's color would just break my defences and flood me in again. I was floating. Drifting away from you. I was lonely for a while, but I was enlightened by my memories.

   Then I recognized. The sky wasn't my limit.

   It was yours. 

   My constellation was also back. The one in which stars welcomed me with their light. Just like that.

   You know what? 

   Thank you.

   For lulling me to sleep. With your voice.

   But then I heard the world around me.

   And at last.

   I was finally awake.




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