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Sometimes the best worlds are within the folds of our imagination.
~ The Bubbling Pen

I never travel without my diary. One should always have something sensational to read.
~ Oscar Wilde

Love to faults is always blind, always is to joy inclined. Lawless, winged and unconfined, and breaks all chains from every mind.
~ William Shakespeare

Don't Forget The Honey #serendipitouscomp

January 2, 2019


Outside a storm is brewing, just as slowly as our tea drips through the strainer; the wait for each drop to form is excruciating, but there’s something surprisingly pleasing about the way each one dashes into our mugs - like sand inside an egg timer. 

“Don’t forget the honey… ” the old lady beside me croaks out. She is frail now and a proud octogenarian at that, always prepared to dish out lectures as if she were Saint Nicholas with his bags of coal.

The obnoxious sun emerges from behind comforting clouds, uninvited, defying the turmoil of emotions erupting inside of me. In contrast with the cheerful crocuses on the river bank, I adorn a black gown. I should be feeling something - remorse or something equally distressing - but there is too much to feel at once that I feel nothing at all. In the same way that a black hole in the depths of space collapses in on itself, the forces within me have compressed my despair into a hostile, charcoal ball the size of my heart.

“On the side,” she grunts, “needs some on the side…” It seems as if every sentence she speaks drifts off into the wind, mingling with the calls of the birds and the rustling trees.

I carefully pinch a few of the dried leaves we had left over from previous summers and place them on the saucers. They crackle and crunch, releasing a soothing aroma that wafts around the room like a dancing spirit. It’s a funny sight: mugs and saucers. But it’s a comforting sight. A memory of home.

“Home,” I whisper. It’s been a while.

My canoe floats gently up the Arno river and despite this being my home - my mother country - I resemble the image of a tourist: a silly bucket hat perched upon my head, with a map of Italy on its front; my black garments arguing with the fluorescent backpack sitting on my lap; the crazy, goggle-like, sunglasses perched upon my nose like an offensive galah… But for once, none of it matters. Not fashion, not reputation. None of it.

I retrieve an intricately blown glass jar from my backpack. The jar itself means nothing, in terms of monetary value at least. But it does mean something. To me. I gingerly unscrew its lid and stare at its contents.

I can’t bring myself to touch its constituents.

And I also shouldn’t be talking about them as if it were an object. Not them, I think to myself. Her.

Stretching my hand over the side of the canoe, I tip the jar, scattering the grey particles into the river. I try to bring myself back to reality. “Ciao Nonna,” I manage to choke out, “non ti dimenticherò mai.” The wind puffs over my face as the canoe dips to the curves of the river. “Never, I’ll never forget you.”

The breeze continues to jive around me and for a moment I pause, catching a whiff of a peppermint leaf. I close my eyes as I breathe it in. “On the side,” the wind whispers, “needs some on the side…” And that is all it takes to melt the hardened brick that sits between my lungs, pumping lifeless blood around my body.

“I’ll remember the honey, Nonna. I’ll remember.” 

All I hear are the hoarse sounds of my sobs, wracking through the misleadingly peaceful air.

This is my entry to Serendipity's #serendipitouscomp with the prompt requirement of peppermint. You can check out her contest here:


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  • The Bubbling Pen

    Thank you so much everyone for all your support <3

    over 1 year ago
  • nezi_nes

    I love how you juxtapose her thoughts and memories with actions, and how the purpose of this piece is revealed slowly but with suspense as well. The imagery is amazing, and thoughts are so complex. This is simply amazing.

    over 1 year ago
  • Serendipity

    The amount of detail and emotion you've put into this piece is phenomenal. Your word choices are amazing too - keep up the excellent work! :D

    over 1 year ago
  • Big Blue

    Blue loved reading! Your expansive vocabulary made Blue smile, and the story widened that smile even more! Keep writing, Bubbling Pen!

    over 1 year ago