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Angela Soria

United States

A mediocre writer has appeared what do you do??

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Short narrative of a boy that only care for himself but then found a girl that was his everything, soon after had a child and died when the child was young from Cancer.
The young battle cry was "don't give up"
Then as he found this girl it changed to "I will always love you"

Battle Cry

February 9, 2016


One little feeling grew into some hope, which shined brightly in the boy's two beautiful brown eyes.
Were it continued to grow into three quiet words, those quiet words grew louder and louder until it was a battle cry.
The battle cry that was meant for four people: his mind, his body, his soul, and his heart.
That battle cry changed more and more as the years went by until one day as he cupped the hands of the girl that made the fire in him burn brighter. 
He whispered five words softly into her ear " I will always love you"
Years would pass as this battle cry was once again said to his little girl no older than six.
She then didn't know what it meant when he gently hugged her as his fragile body laid in the bed.
Seven tubes connected him to this world, but they couldn't stop this eight year battle that was about to be over 
He smiled through it all as he closed his eyes only to watch them slowly open again in a another place seprated from time.
His battle cry finally died along with him at nine o'clock on that cool October night.


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  • Angela Soria

    Shortly after writing this I thought of more I could add, I will do that but first I wanna see what y'all think of this so far.

    almost 3 years ago