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I'm a novelist and poet from the U.S.
I'm always really self conscious when I write so please be nice to me. I'm trying.

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here's a short poem I wrote a while back.

the tears
i've shed
over you
are as
numerous as
the stars
glinting on
the night
skies known
as my

so don't let pain define your every breathing second.
you will be okay. let it shape you and let it help you grow

silence that sits in the air

January 1, 2019


at night there is
a silence that sits
upon the heavy air

it is that of peace and
tranquility, laying in
your bed with some
dreams around your head

it is that of the thoughts
of loved ones and your
friends, the kind that will
bring a smile to your lips

it is that of the feeling
of fur against your body,
the warmth of your loved
pet, by your side

that's not all it is,

it is also that of
emptiness and sadness
that fills you to the brim
until you can't breathe

it is that of silent tears
that trace tracks down
your face, accompanied
by thoughts of hate

it is that of eyes upon
the clock, staring and
watching the minutes
tick by slowly

it is that of fear, being
afraid to close your eyes
because you don't want to
see what you know you will

it is that of hatred
the one that haunts you
until you just want it all 
to stop and go away

it is that of want
wanting to disappear
wanting to leave
wanting to be okay

it hangs upon the air
just waiting
waiting for you to fill it
to escape all of your thoughts

 because the silence feeds
the thoughts you want to die


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