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A huge Harry Potter fan
mix of Gryffindor and Ravenclaw
I love to write, write, write
Again huge HP fan
I love fantasy,
Well, um, I'm 13. Not 14 yet....
Excited for high school, going to be there soon!

Message from Writer

Don't ever give up writing
Writing is a beautiful art, and if you're interested
don't give up
Every word
Every sentence
and Every story you write
creates something great for everyone to enjoy.
So please don't give up,
and take pride in your writing.

What comment shows you really read the piece?

March 17, 2019


I know RainAndSonder did something like this:

So I will say this was inspired by RainAndSonder, and give credit as well.

So, here we go!

    When you write a comment, people expect you to mean what you write to them. Don't outright say it is terrible, but don't
say it is amazing if you don't mean it, either. Almost everyone on this website encourages constructive criticism of their work. They are some people who are sensitive, but usually they say it clearly, which gets rid of the confusion. Write only what you mean. If you have not one good thing to say, which is most likely never going to happen, then comment constructively as to how they can improve. Do not insult the piece that they spent time on, but don't just say "Good job, that was cool." They want to know why you thought it was cool, which brings us to our next point.
    You very likely have things to say about every piece, whether it is good or bad. But, however you feel, explain why you feel that way. Just "Good" or "Nice" doesn't convey your message. I don't have examples of insulting comments, because I've never seen one on this website. Which is a good thing! But, just because they don't insult doesn't mean they aren't good. Yes, comments are quick, but even just a sentence helps so much. I'd like to quote Luna Lemon, who commented on my piece The Vistas Beyond:
I really like this creative take on the prompt! I like how it isn't specifically about one window view, but a reference to all the windows and the possibilities that they hold. I especially like the last sentence, as you talk about the beauty and the hard truths of the world seen through a window. I like this perspective as inside, " you're most likely safe; but you can see the hardships and cruelty the world really possesses within one view". That was really well done and very creative. 
This was wonderfully written and I love the message you displayed. Great job and Have a Happy New Year!

(read piece to understand contextual references)

    The above comment is really detailed, and she explains her view with even specific examples from the piece. This is wonderfully done, but I understand that sometimes time and other situations don't allow for such (amazingly) detailed comments. Here is another example from timtam.9, who commented on my piece The Life of Death:
I don’t know how but that twist when death said “You have much to learn apprentice” made me gasp. I think everyone around me was really confused. This was amazing, really entertaining! 

    So yes, it was much quicker, but it still conveyed her message while also explaining why she felt that way. She also explained she felt confused, which gave me something to build on for the piece.


    That is the question you have to always ask yourself when commenting, or reviewing.

And not why something happened in the piece, but why you're saying "Good" or "Try this". And while you gather up your thoughts, make sure to write at least 2 of them in the comment.

Here is an example of a comment on a poem.

I like the emotion you put into the poem, but I think you should use more powerful words to express it better.

Well, thank you for reading, and I hope I helped you all!



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  • paperbird


    12 months ago
  • Kahasai

    Thank you for this! I know I've improved my comments a lot, and can be a bit frustrated when readers put little thought into responding to my piece (really appreciate your comment on my Help piece, I owe you a comment). Thank you!

    about 1 year ago
  • spearmint

    yay, this gives me ideas! I'm always wondering how to comment for pieces, and a lot of the time, I end up writing nothing and just liking the piece. Thank you!

    about 1 year ago
  • rainandsonder

    Yes thank you so much for this!! And thanks for linking my piece haha. In my opinion giving feedback is equally important to writing on WtW, so I’m glad to see others trying to help people learn
    how to give better feedback.

    about 1 year ago
  • Quille

    Thank you for publishing this :D I've really been trying to improve my comments lately, but sometimes I literally don't have time to leave a good comment and other times I really just want to show encouragement. I'm really sorry if anybody finds it frustrating when I comment 'Wow! This was really awesome! :DD' but sometimes that's all I can put up; it's off the computer time :)
    I try to make sure that I always read the piece through though :)
    Also, I think it was a very good idea @J.A. to include examples of good comments on here. Thank you again :DD

    about 1 year ago
  • avocado


    about 1 year ago