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As this is my first published work on Write The World, please feel free to comment, critique, and favourite, or you could do it all! Just a thing that popped into my head, based on the pic prompt. Enjoy!

Alone In This Crowded Place

March 7, 2015

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Flashes of colours whir around me, as I take another staggered breath. My head spins as I close my eyes and try to focus on my erratic breathing. I knew my raven hair was falling across my reddening face. I knew my skirt was crumpled and my satchel's contents were spread across the concrete floor. I knew the looks I was recieving, but I couldn't care about that now. I had to stop my mind from losing control, from losing the grip on sanity. The noise was unbearable. People talking, feet thunking, machines beeping, automated voices whining; I just couldn't take it anymore. I collapsed againt the wall, squeezing my temples with my sweating hands.

I never wanted to come.

I never wanted to feel like this.

I never wanted to be alone, in this crowded place.

But I trusted him. He led me here, comforted me, held me. He said it wouldn't happen. But it did. And now, he was abondoning me. 

I felt my throat tightening at the thought and sqeezed my eyes shut further, removing my palms from the sides of my face and pressing them into my eye sockets. I began to see stars. I could here faint whispers of 'Penelope', but they couldn't pull me back into the reality, away from the spriralling vortex that was dragging me into darkness. Sliding down the cold, white tiles, I tried to find some comfort in the white noise around me. But I couldn't. 

Silence is what I wished to find.

The whispers became more urgent, more distressed. I gently resleased the pressure from my hands as I was shaken lightly, the vast, inky blur, slowly evaporating.

"Pea? Penelope, can you hear me?" a sweet honey voice asked for me. I opened my eyelids carefully to see his deep brown eyes staring into mine with concern.

"Pea, are you okay?" he asked, his face scrunched. When I replied only by looking at him with a dazed expression, did he continue.

"I went to the ATM, remember? It's okay, I'm here now," he smiled slightly, as he talked so slow it was as if she was four.

"I'm okay," I replied, my voice still shaking. "I just didn't wanted to be alone in this crowded place."


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