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The Unknown

By: writing_is_art (Ayushi)


As we head into the new year,
I encourage you 
to look around.

At the vast sky,
or the dark clouds
at the green grass
or the white ground 

I encourage you,
to feel and think and breathe
to remember and reminisce
to exist, to be

But most of all,
I encourage you
to look around,
at the people who stand by you

In the coming year,
you could lose some  
you could gain some.

So hold on tight,
as we brace ourselves,
and step into
The Unknown

Message to Readers

Here’s to another year :)

Peer Review

Okay, so ... yes, talking about stepping into a new year is pretty ... redundant to me. But I really liked this poem anyways! I love how you put everything (vague, though it may be) that happens in a year into a single poem. You wrote this almost in a continual sentence, which helps the reader to continue to the end. I also love how to capitalized the last line. =)

I like this as-is. It's interesting and relatable. You also have a different structure, which sometimes doesn't really work, but it does here. =)

Reviewer Comments

Thank you for this encouraging poem! Write on!
God bless!