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End of The Year Q&A: Another Questionnare for mrcolinedwards :D

December 31, 2018


1. Out of all the movies this year,which one would say was the very best one of 2018? I have quite a few myself,including The Incredibles 2,Black Panther,Ralph Breaks The Internet,Ant Man And The Wasp,and Avengers Infinity War. And as a second part of to this question,if you had but one movie that you thought was alright,but needed to be better,which one would it be and how would you change it if you traveled back in time? 

Avengers. Infinity. War. I am DEAD. But I LOVED IT. 
Part 2: I dunno XD We watched a very limited amount of new movies this year, so I have no opinion. Next year, on the other hand XD We're going to be at the movie theater more than we usually do in TWO years! :D

2. What would you say are going to miss about 2018 the most? A lot of great things happened this year and although we wish that we could all relive them,we cannot. If it were me,I'm going to miss the feeling of how I became joyful when I first became friends with a lot of people here on Write The World,like Luna Lemon and The Secret Rose,who are two of the best people I've ever come across here on Write The World (you girls totally rock!) 

I don't know for sure. I got a lot closer to some of the kids in my youth group, and I made more friends in school this year. Those are both a plus. :D

3. During this past year,was there an embarrassing or humiliating moment that either happened to you or someone else that you wish hadn't happened? If so what was it and how would you have liked to prevent it? 

My grandmother fell flat on her face at a Culver's restaurant pretty recently and had to go to the hospital. *facepalm* She can't drive and she can hardly walk. :/ I wish I were there to help.

4. If you could have met one of your favorite celebrities this year and spent the entire day with them,who would it be and what would you do? 

I would have to say either James McAvoy (See my bio, also plays Professor X in X-Men), Emily Bett Rickards (Who plays Felicity Smoak in Arrow and absolutely cracks me up), or Millie Bobby Brown (Who played Eleven in Stranger Things). All of them are actors, whom I admire greatly, and I would love to spend the day on a film set.

5. How many times did you make mistakes during the year and which ones do you regret the most? I ask this because I've made quite a few that make me rather upset. 

SO many. I don't remember all of them or the biggest one. 

6. What was by far the best thing you've ever written in 2018 here on Write The and what would you say was the best part of what you wrote? 

I'm gonna say Library SerenityMasquerade (I thought it was a really cool prompt), On a Mission(s) to Change the World (which is very special to me, the first one where I truly poured out my heart), Dancing Shoes, or Censored (Which I wrote for SFOW. Write free forever.). 

7. Do you believe that you've grown quite a bit since the beginning of this year on Write The and how much have you grown as a person as well as a writer? I ask this because I felt as though,my whole time has grown,which feels like many years have passed,I've grown so much from where I began. 

I think I have! I've finished writing TWO books, one of which is on WtW as a single piece (The Game), and one is partly on here (Hide and Seek). I also started the sequel to Hide and Seek and am really lovin' it. :D I also feel like I've grown as a person too, as I got a lot of feedback (of sorts) from my mom on how I act. I need to improve. :)

8. What do you suppose was the very worst part of 2018? Was it political? Environmental? About a celebrity? Or just about you or your family in general? What was it? 

I would have to say all of the political nonsense in America this year was ridiculous. I generally dislike politics, but you couldn't avoid them this year no matter where you turned.

9. Do you believe that there was something the world could have done better in 2018,anything at all? If so,what should it have done? 

See above.

10. If there was one couple you fan shipped even though they weren't together (fictional or not) and wanted to see them get married,but didn't,which one would it be? If it were me,it would Jeremy Sumpter and Rachel Hurd Wood from the 2003 Peter Pan film,they are so cute together! 

In all honesty, I would have to say John Diggle and Dinah Drake in Arrow, even though John was married. *facepalm*
In my own writing, I would say Silas and Diana, even though I intentionally wrote them so that they wouldn't be together. 

11. Which of the following would you have most wanted to do in 2018 if it were possible; Would you have rather...A. Discover the existence of mermaids and get turned into one? (that one would have been a serious must for me) B. Gain super powers  or become a superhero in general and help reduce the crime rate in the world?, Or C. Solve a major world problem such as pollution or animal welfare with one snap of your finger? 

The irony here is that my characters in one book can do both the second and third ones here XD Could I do a combination of those two?

12. On a scale of one to a 100,did you enjoy the past year with me and what was your favorite part? I want to know because I'm curious to know if you did?

YES! I finished my 9th grade year and started 10th grade. I went to a sleepaway summer camp for the first time (I know, I know, only the first time? XD), and made a slew of new friends. And one of the smaller things was that I'm now allowed to bake things EVERY WEDNESDAY for my youth group! :D
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  • pencils.and.paper.roses

    @Kahasi Yep, one of the few here too XD

    Wow, really? XD I don't think a lot of people would recognize Emily Bett Rickards. She's pretty good though, I think she deserves more recognition :)

    Happy new year to you too! :P

    over 1 year ago
  • Kahasai

    I'm pretty sure Infinity War is the only movie I watched this year that came out this year. XD

    I'm surprised I recognized all three actors you mentioned.

    Happy new year!

    over 1 year ago