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how i joined write the world, how i still love it (#mwtwfstory)

January 1, 2019


i first developed a love for writing when i realized that a story could be constructed through a beginning, middle, and endthat each sentence consisted of subject and verb; that words should be constructed out of beauty rather than practicality.  i began to write independently at the age of seven.  at first, my works were worth more for childish creativity than for word artistry. my first story was about a piano whose keys escaped it, and another was about a city that lived at the top of a ceiling fan. in the third grade, warriors fan fiction was all of the rage; in fifth grade we participated in nanowrimo, and i wrote about an inter-dimensional adventure.
i have always prided myself on competence in language.  i'm crap in other academics, but words have always been something i could handle.  the english language is like my friend.  it's always been.
i was eleven when i discovered write the world; it was a recommendation from my friend rainandsonder.  i had just turned twelve when i joined.  my early profile was very amateur.  my temporary usernames were “jmnovelist” and “spork”.  if you’re interested in an early version of my profile, you can find one that was accidentally made with a fake email here.  yes, that’s me.  early-wtw-me is very different from recent-wtw-me.
my first follower was rainandsonder, who’s a friend of mine in real life.  my second was kaitlyn, bless her.
i did not announce my age loudly, as some people did.  i was terrified of being underestimated for being only twelve.  it takes some guts to admit that i was younger, even now that i am the allowed age of thirteen.
and yet everyone was so loving and supportive.  instantly i became aware of the distinct characteristics that came with each profile.  i discovered the write the world “celebrities”.  in 2017, my wtw celebrities were kaitlyn, abigailsauble (then ars7), glytch montoya, lackingasociallife, redwriter, elizabeth bennett, and jessica noelle (then godsgirl04).
slowly, my followers built up.  i was aware of reaching fifty, then one hundred, then two hundred.  i recount these milestones, not to brag, but to display what activity does.  it is not how well a person writes that earns them followers and celebrity status, it is how often they appear on the dashboard.  
and let us say that i was active nearly always.  in the summertime i'd write five pieces in one day.  even on school nights i'd manage something.
being an angsty twelve-year-old, write the world was my vent as well as my writing opportunity.  i’ve unpublished anything that’s purely adolescent, but you can still find some fairly overly-emotional poems in my published work.  i've struggled with an inability to comfortably express my emotions.  when some people sobbed, i would write poetry.  all of it was furiously typed onto write the world, and all of it was published.  it was so personal, and written from such raw and sinful emotion, that i felt almost ashamed when people liked it, when people commented.  i've never let anyone that i know in real life see my account; it feels almost indecent to display works so private.
i started posting social things, too.  i’ve always been a highly introverted person in real life—i have difficulty with putting myself out there at all—and a small teenage platform on the corner of the internet was perfect for building my bonding skills.  i filled out my fair share of useless q&as and was delighted when they were given attention.  i held contests.  my bio was stuffed full of facts about myself.  i was determined to put everything about myself—everything that i was too afraid to express in real life—out there for write the world to see.  and plenty of dumb stuff as well.
"i have seasonal affective disorder."
"i love cats.”
"i’m lgbtq—closeted."
"harry potter is my life."
"i'm podophobic and acrophobic."
recently i haven't cared as much what my bio and message from reader says.  i figure my writing can do the talking.  i change my message from writer occasionally, but i'm very happy with the simplicity of my bio.  i realize it's writing, and not identity, that matters to me now.  and that realization is all thanks to this website; i would not be where i am without it.
i love write the world.  if i ever get an idea, if i am ever bursting with a good story, i come here.  i love my write the world family.  each regular active wtworldian has become like a friend to me.
on top of that, i've expanded my writing skill so much.  i came to wtw timid and set on writing only short stories and descriptions.  since then, i've discovered poetry and prose.  i found my own style.  i started experimenting with the lowercase function (a success, as you might see).

the fact that i have two hundred forty-seven followers would not seem hard to believe; after all, i've watched the numbers grow for more than a year.  it was only the other day, when i was looking at that number and realizing: imagine fitting that number into a single room.  two hundred forty-seven is a lot of people, and they would all be joined by an interest in me, by a liking of my work.
the only place i could ever undergo that realization is write the world.
thank you.


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  • Blotted Ink with a Broken Quill

    And WOW. Hello other 13 year old. now i just need to find another 13 year old boy...

    5 months ago
  • Blotted Ink with a Broken Quill


    5 months ago
  • Puppet_Master

    @Paperbird same I'm crap with everything but English and writing, I'm 13 too but didn't start as early as you. I like your point about its how often you post not, how outstanding your pieces are. Ik what its like to be closeted I've been closeted my whole life. And I respect you It takes a lot to do this, to risk people seeing your life and your raw emotions its unusual that you're so honest with WtW. Ofc Harry Potter is bae. I kinda wanna do this now but at the same time no.

    6 months ago
  • paperbird

    thanks! @anha yeah... still closeted... :/

    6 months ago
  • Catlover

    Keep up the good work! A FAN of you! <3

    6 months ago
  • Anha

    EVERYTHING YOU WRITE MAKES ME WANT TO BE YOUR FRIEND EVEN THIS. i remember being shocked when i found out you were only 13, but you're so lucky that this is only the beginning of your wtw journey. with such a long way ahead of you, we're all proud of how far you've come (even though i only discovered wtw a few months ago rip). i didn't know that you were lgbtq! i guess it's true that like half of the kids here are gay XD. keep doing you and i love your work!

    6 months ago
  • paperbird

    thank you!!
    also @kahasai dang it... i was hoping everyone would forget about “spork”.

    6 months ago
  • she's-got-a-story

    you are amazing. i love your work and your positive presence. keep creating.
    & thanks for joining the lowercase club.

    6 months ago
  • Kahasai

    This is so nice. I never considered putting the number of followers I have into a room ... Wow, yeah, that's a lot. The number of followers I have (currently at 124) can't fit inside my house ... I don't think I know that many people outside the screen.

    Hehe ... I remember when you were 'spork'. :)

    6 months ago
  • nevaredhp

    wait... you're 13?? I'm so surprised :o You're very mature!
    glad you're on this site Paperbird. I love your pieces and am pleasantly surprised that you follow me back :)

    6 months ago
  • AbigailSauble

    This is a great testimony, by the way. =)
    Thank you for sharing yourself with us!
    If you'd like to, I'd love a writing prompt, or even if you'd like me to review some of your pieces, I can do that, too!
    God bless!

    6 months ago
  • AbigailSauble

    Her new username is: Aravis Tarkheena. From Narnia. =)

    6 months ago
  • paperbird

    @kenny i think she’s changed her username to something that begins with “tzip” but i don’t really remember. she’s not as active as she used to be, though.

    6 months ago
  • Kenny

    Hey, has Elizabeth Bennett left WtW? I don't know her, so no particular reason for asking, other than that she seems to be a P&P fan.

    6 months ago
  • Secret Rose

    Hi Paperbird, I just wanted to let you know that you won 1st place in The Bubbling Pen's Christmas contest. Congratulations; and Happy New Year!

    6 months ago
  • spearmint

    Awww, it's so nice that you acknowledge your fans.

    6 months ago