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Home - #Fire

December 31, 2018


"Yes. Burn it." I demand. I can't stand seeing this abandoned house anymore. 
I stare silently at the fire Brenigan set. 
My eyes drift upward toward the house I was born. 
The house I had grown in, and the house I would miss. 
Memories flood my head - silent water. Reed and I pressing our panted palms up against the wall, I was so small she had to lift me up, Mom wasn't happy about Reed's handprints on my dress, I thought it added decoration. In the crooked attic, the place I thought was 'haunted' we would stare up at the stars, knowing that when we felt alone, they were our company. Age eleven, I stared into the mirror in that held my eyes reflection even still. That was the year I decided I didn't want this anymore, the year I decided to leave for the military. 
I don't see how, I had so many happy memories. 
I remember the room the fires devouring now, I remember that twinkle in Holden's eyes as he was born. I remember the happy tears of my mother. I remember making pancakes with Elizabeth, and I remember...
I remember the last thing Reed and I saw before I left for the military. We started it when I was born, a measuring tree. Every day we went out and took care of it like it was another human, and when my birthday rolled around, we would measure me, and the tree. I remembered when I was eight, I got on my tiptoes and stuck my chin up high, and I was taller than the tree. 
The tree. 
This house. 
It's gone now. 
I move my eyes so they don't sting from the smoke, but still they burn...and I wonder if it's tears. 
This is based on what happened in a story I wrote called Chambers, (Which I'm writing on here now!!) When Nikolai has to watch her house burn with so many memories. I know it doesn't have to do a lot with fire but I still wanted to write it. There is a song that goes along to this and it's 'North' by Sleeping at Last. 
I just wanted to try this contest thing out and I'm glad I did ;)


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