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Sonism #myfirstcontest

By: korra4life


there is nothing you can do
to be able to stop desiring
the millions of experiences
you will never get to have.

there is nothing you can do
to be able to stop wishing
that you meant something
to all those whom you pass.

there is nothing you can do
to stop the everlasting sorrow
you will feel when you realize

you are only another countless,
meaningless grain of sand.

I kind of combined 'Sonder' and 'Onism,' if you're wondering. 
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Peer Review

This piece makes me speechless. I love this.

Did you knew the words definitions before hand? Why did you combine these words? How did you think about it? Have you ever experienced this? I also added a few questions in my highlights.

Reviewer Comments

This is so strong. And it was simply brilliant idea to tie together two words. Never would've thought of that. Great Work!