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Prologue - Chambers

December 31, 2018


Fog gathered quickly that night, hiding the silver sliver, a speck of moonlight. The top of the Sanctuary was barely visible, the bells that chimed were haunting, for they were not seen, and invisibility makes everything more frightening.
An old woman, a bundle in her arms, was searching for food to feed her family. The woman's name was Bella la’Saint. Remember this detail, for this is important. Her searches were frantic, no one knew why- perhaps it was that her family would starve if she didn’t get her food in a matter of seconds. Or maybe it was the fact that she had to run away from something.
Whatever you choose to believe in is your style, I’m here to tell you not her, but that bundle in her arms.
Wrapped in parchment colored blanked yielded something you are not to expect.  Whatever was inside the blanket let out a soft cooing noise, to which Bella yelped. She looked down and unraveled the blanket. “Hush,” She replied. “Dinner is almost ready.”
But as we discussed before, dinner was not her plan.
She loved the child dearly, as much as a mother could love, but she knew, thanks to the baby’s father, that dark magic coursed in his veins. To give her child up would be horrendous, but she had to do it...and her excuse was getting dinner.
For it was not just her, it was the father as well, the father who had cursed the baby in the first place, Before she had left she told her husband: “I am off to get dinner, I’m bringing the baby with me, so he can have a look into the city.” She had bundled up the child with a plan in mind, but if anyone saw her plan she would return home to an angry mage for a husband.
As rain started to fall, the baby started to cry. “Shh,” She nearly pleaded, “I’ll get you dry soon.” And her feet lead her to the Sanctuary.
Because she was a Kui, a polytheistic, she wasn’t allowed to go to the Sanctuary. The Sanctuary was only for people who believed in the Holy Power of Myra- their God. But Bella needed to find a way to abandon the child, not because she didn’t love him, we went over this already- it was the fact that she let terror reign her.
She knocked on the door and pleaded to be let in. An open door greeted her, the High Priest standing behind it. “Sir, I’m deeply sorry, i know I shouldn’t be coming in here,” She had to wipe her tears from her face. “And I can’t stay long, but I’m asking you- begging you...please take care of my son.” She then began her lie. “Ylil is taking over the west part of town and he will no longer have a home or a family, I’m begging you.”
“I’ll do it,” The High Priest agreed, he bowed to her. “May the love of Myra rest in your fate young woman.” He closed the door behind her.
And locked it tightly.
He stared at the child in his arms.
And with hate, locked it in the dungeon, giving it the name of Valor.
Which in Aserian- means son of the devil.


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