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We could never experience love without heartbreak, never have hope if faith wasn’t once lost, and have happiness without understanding sorrow. ~Dmoral13


December 31, 2018


Fear and darkness,
Held me captive,
I couldn't breathe,
Let alone write.

I told stories.
In my head,
No one knew,
I even thought of them.

My notebook,
Lay hidden,
Filled with characters and their stories,
Yet untold.

The worst part,
Was I didn't even know how,
Any of it would work out,
So I never tried.

It wasn't until,
I found this site,
Filled with hundreds of writers,
Just like me.

Courage and light,
Overpowered the fear and dark,
I breath easy now,

As my work sites published online.
Thank you,
For being my savoir,
I never knew,
I needed.


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  • MimiChoudhury

    Thank you so much for entering. I loved it!!

    21 days ago