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Message to Readers

There is power in each of us.
Never forget that.

The World Shall Not Forget

January 2, 2019

PROMPT: 2019

For a year to remember:

2000 fireworks, set off at midnight

365 beginnings

1 pair good shoes—for all the steps we’re going to take

11 pep-talks—one per month; this is the first

Snow, to taste

Humour, to taste

120 cold days—to teach us hardihood

1 frozen lake

1 pair of skates

200 warm days—to rejoice in

Rain, sun, flowers, puddles, to taste

23 ice cream-cones

45 sweltering days—to teach us what climate change means

30 days of thirst—ditto

1 submerged island—ditto. *can be substituted with:
- 1 tsunami

2 lost elections—to remind us to speak louder

56 demonstrations,
- 9 of which dispersed with tear-gas—because we refuse to be


14 political prisoners—to expose the face of oppression

1 pair spare shoes—for when the good shoes wear out

Lots of hugs

2 murders—to teach us the value of life

17 kisses—from all the best people

1 won election—the triumph of democracy

5 ceasefires—when 7 billion people realize we are all one

1 massive averted famine; following which:
- 318 NGO aid missions to former warzones; includes:
- 10 boxes of Band-Aids—for when the spare shoes wear out

8 nights of tears—for when words cannot express gratitude

A supermoon—for the wonder of it

1 boy or girl—best between ages 12 and 20
1 resolution: “I will change the world.”



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    A good resolution! :D

    about 2 years ago