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Tucker Maxwell

United States

Vinny and The Sunflower

February 8, 2016


In old country houses all across Iowa families work hard to get by. The fathers’ farm, the mothers stay at home to do chores and work in their garden, and the children go to school to get an education. Most families also have a dog to guard the chickens and to keep around the house as a companion. Most, dogs lay around all day waiting dinnertime. However, one family had a dog-named Vinny. The Hields were the family that owned VInny.
Now, the Hields were a typical Iowa family. However, Vinny was not a typical dog. Every day, Sharon Hield, the mother of the Hield family, would venture out to her garden and she was always followed by Vinny. When Sharon would get to the garden VInny would stop and lay by Sharon’s sunflower. 
The Sunflower that Vinny laid by everyday was the tallest sunflower in the state of Iowa. The Sunflower was so tall that all the other plants in the garden made fun of him. VInny, was different then the other plants in the garden. A perk for Vinny of having the sunflower as a friend was that the Sunflower could protect him from the sun on the hot sunny days. Vinny and the Sunflower had an agreement. The Sunflower told Vinny that he would offer him shade as long as VInny kept him company and stood up for him. Vinny did not mind this because the Sunflower had a good personality and the two had many things in common. 
One day, Sharon Hield yelled at Vinny to go out to the garden. VInny, jumped up and followed her out the front door. VInny followed Sharon around the house to the garden. When he got to the garden he was shocked to see that his best friend, the sunflower, was slumped over. This was very unusual to see because it was a very hot and sunny day. 
Vinny Laid down next to the Sunflower and asked, “Sunflower, what is wrong today? It’s such a sunny day out! Normally, you are stretched out showing off all of your petals.” 
The Sunflower said, “I wish I wasn’t this tall. All the potatos have been making fun of me saying that I’m tall as the been stalk that Jack climbed.” 
This upset VInny so he asked the Sunflower what he should do about it to make him feel better.
The Sunflower replied and said,” Vinny, you don’t need to do anything; it’ll just make everything worse.”
At this time Vinny and the Sunflower both heard the Potato plant start to chirp about how big of a wimp the Sunflower was. 
The Potato said,” Is it raining, or is that just the sun giant whining again?”
Vinny had heard enough and told the Sunflower, “ You do not deserve this! I am going to shut them up!”
With that VInny got up and walked over to the Potato plant. The Potato plant was laughing at his own joke when all of a sudden VInny squatted down and took a poop on it. The Potato was horrified and started to fall over. 
Vinny told the Potato plant, “ Don’t you ever say another negative comment to my best friend again!”
Vinny walked backed to the Sunflower and said, “If you have anymore problems, I will be sure to make your bullies eat crap.”
After that day, the Sunflower was never made fun of again. He was always able to stand up tall and proud to give his best friend, Vinny, shade and company to spend the rest of the hot Iowa days in the garden. 


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