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Our Fire #Fire

By: Xavier Nelson


Did you know that when you snuff out a candle it doesn't hurt?

It's almost like life in a way.

We're born.

We live short, quick lives.

Then our fire gets snuffed out by something we have no control over.

The candle tries to burn the one that hurt it in a beyond-the-grave effort at revenge.

But it can't.

Useless and weak, it amounted to nothing in its life.

Maybe one day we'll be strong enough to burn down everything in our way.

Blaze our own path.

Create our own future.

I can imagine this place where our fire is brilliant enough to ignite everyone's souls.

A world in which we're all shining magnificently.

Where our fire does not get smothered by depravity.

It can rage brilliantly throughout the night.

The stars will cower in fear from our beauty.

Then the world will be ours.

As our fire burns our legacy into the sky.


Message to Readers


Peer Review

The idea that fire was the mind of a human. It seems like such an interesting concept.

I think maybe putting more symbolism in some of the sentences to make the ones that are pushy and short really count.

Reviewer Comments

*Whispering to self* (Maybe I should give bad comments!!! Then I have a better chance of winning!)
Totally joking, great job on this!