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*Not very active during the summer, sorry*
I'll be back on (regularly) next school year and I'll be different. Reborn. A new writer. Something new. I think I'll finally find myself.

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Thanks to my followers, you're support is the reason why I'm reconnecting with my writing spirit.
Thanks for the likes and comments, it those things that motivate me.
Thanks for the contests you guys create, they're inspirational.
Thanks to ADM for being the unexpected friend I needed.
Thanks WTW for this amazing opportunity of publishing my pieces for these awesome guys and other WTWians.


December 30, 2018


I held a little candle flame,
For my family was too poor,
To own more than that candle,
And it's little flame.

I held a little candle flame,
As I walked through the house,
Cause it was my only light,
During the night.

I held a little candle flame,
Close to me,
My rags to thin,
It as my only warmth.

I held a little candle flame,
And though another might hate,
I love my little candle flame,
For holding it is,
The highlight of my day.

I held my little candle flame,
Right to my lips,
Blew out the flame,
So I could rest for a bit.


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  • Dmoral13

    Thank you!

    7 months ago
  • Quille

    Wow, this is so pretty :D Good luck in the contest!! :DD

    7 months ago