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"if you punish a person for dreaming their dreams / don't expect them to thank or forgive you,” -the mountain goats

“everything's in order in a black hole / nothing seems as pretty as the past though,” - the arctic monkeys

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January 1, 2019

PROMPT: 2019

i used to throw the door open
at exactly midnight,
the moment of the ball drop,
to breathe in the new year.
how strange that
the air of one year
and the air of another
taste the same to me,
but despite that:

i hope that the guitar-string ruts
in my fingers finally do me good.
i hope that i find all the puzzle pieces,
and if they don't fit,
that i can make my own.
i hope that people stop
seeing the snake around my neck
as a fashion choice.
i hope for music festivals
and old books
and honey that doesn't taste like medicine,
and teeth that feel like my own,
and sourflowers,

but i may as well wish for
a world that doesn't sound like
eyes and neon lights.
and is new year anything
but just another day?
is there really any difference
between the seconds before
and the seconds after midnight?  
I'm too cynical, I know, but really, isn't January 1st just an arbitrary day that we decided was important and the start of Something New for no reason? And I know that this poem isn't exactly the point of this prompt, but I hope you still managed to enjoy it. Thoughts? 


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  • paperbird

    ditto what @luna said

    8 months ago
  • Luna Lemon

    This poem was so well done! I loved the lines, "the air of one year / and the air of another / taste the same to me". That's a really creative way to put how really not much changes from the change to one year to the next and how it's just a construct by us. But then, I love how you balance that statement out by going through your hopes in the next stanzas while still keeping a bit of a skeptical tone. And then wrapping it up in the third stanza by repeating the first in a new light after going through your hopes.
    This was wonderfully thought out and as always from you, so well written. Awesome job and keep writing:)

    8 months ago