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Hello to my reader, from a large nerd. I'm a fan of all things Marvel, but I still appreciate all the work DC has put into their movies. I currently play alto sax, and I'm teaching myself to play clarinet. I am working on four different novels/series, one of which I'm writing with my best friend. I love the Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, and Harry Potter universes. I also listen to WAY too many soundtracks. My favorite artists are TobyMac, Capital Kings, and Owl City. Oh, and I also love everything Hamilton, The Phantom of the Opera, The Greatest Showman, and Dear Evan Hansen. If you don't know this already, God loves you with all his heart. No matter what you've done or how horrible you think you are, he cares for you. Have a great day!

My Perfect Year: Hopes for 2019

January 2, 2019

PROMPT: 2019

To make a "Perfect Year," you will need the following ingredients:
2 spoonfuls of everlasting friendship
4 cups of tears (because tears can make things seem even a little bit different)
100 earfuls of awesome music
9 scoops of fun writing
lots of success
1 pinch of ambition
hundreds of good books

Here are the steps I took to formulate this list, or in simpler terms, I want to recollect some of the best events of 2018.
    I finished my first year of high school and finally never had to deal with Biology or PE for a little while. I finally found that English was by far my favorite subject. I got excited at the very end of the school year for marching band season again, as I would be doing it for my second year. I hoped that I would make leadership team, but I also hoped that I would make top band (there are four bands at my school, two bottom bands, a middle, and a top band, top being the best people). I didn't make leadership team, but I was happy that I made top band as an alto saxophone, which is my main instrument. I went on a week-long trip to Colorado, where I got to hike in the mountains, go to two fantastic zoos, and enjoy good pizza. After I got back from my trip, I had the awesome opportunity where I got to go to St. Louis, Missouri with my cousins. We went and saw the Arch, ate at an Italian restaurant that had lots of "spice," and stayed up late playing Marco Polo and 500 in the hotel pool. After the trip to St. Louis, I got to experience band camp again, and it was as fun as I remembered (and as painful, as I built up what marching band members at my school call "marching muscles" in my legs). I made plenty of new friends at band camp too. Right after camp, I had lots of my music and drill memorized, but I was sad that summer was almost over. The school year started.
    I became one year older and got nothing but books for my birthday and gift cards to a bookstore. I started many new classes, like Journalism (where I help write my school's newspaper), APS (American Political Science), Speech, Chemistry, Spanish 2, and Geometry, and kept one class from last year: Marching Band/ Band. I joined a new club: a leadership/ community service club. I got very loopy on late night bus rides after marching band competitions, and I cheered with my band friends when we got Grand Champions at 2 competitions and First in our class at another competition. I reached a one year streak taking saxophone lessons from a musical genius, and enjoyed two days on a college campus for a band event with an old friend and made one new friend in the process. I started to plan to start a new Creative Writing Club at my school, since the person who ran the last Creative Writing Club graduated. I suffered through Chemistry, but laughed with everyone else as someone in my class tried to prove that a brick wall had magnetic force. I even finished writing my first book! :O 
    I ended the year on what I felt was I high note, hanging out at home, and enjoying a day bowling with my cousins. 
But this all leads back to my ingredients. I have so many new friends since last year, and I hope that at least some of them will be my friends until I die. I know that I struggle with a disorder of my own making: overcrying syndrome, but I know that my tears can lead to something incredible in the future. I want to listen to even more music this year too. I found that I like a variety of music, but I want to try to extend my limits. I want to keep my ambitions, like making leadership team, making top band again, and creating a new Creative Writing Club. I also want to read so many more books than I did last year (a total of 84, I believe). Oh, and I want to learn the super high notes on my instrument and be able to play them well.
    Thanks to all who have supported my writing this year, and I look forward to another year full of awesome stories on this site!!!!
Just some shoutouts (if that's even a word xD)
Thanks to my cat loving friend, my dog loving friend, my friend who has many scented candles that I love, my friend that drew walruses with me on a bus window after a truly scarring leadership conference, my llama loving friend, my Slytherin friend, my Hufflepuff friend, the computer whiz who programmed his own website for fun, my friend who will always have a place in my heart, even if he's doing something stupid, my homeschooled NBT (nonbiological twin) and all the people that I met and got to know this year. Also, thanks to my band friends (I couldn't have made it through without you guys!) I hope I can get to know you better. You guys all made this year amazing, and I hope next year will be just as fantastic as 2018 was, knowing I had you guys by my side. I love you all!!! :)


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