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All I want from my works is to bring a little peace to everyone's heart, and a peace of hope to those who don't have any yet. I don't want to be remembered by my name I want to be remembered by my work.

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We all know we would

February 8, 2016

The last day of earth would be chaotic; but the last day of our life might not be, because only you would be the only one dying. Therefore I'll be writing about my last day on earth. Since I'm in school I would go back to do two things; punch an idiot, and then find my love and take her on the most romantic date any girl could dream of. I would take her to reunion tower for starters, then we would go to the best ice-cream shop in town, and finally we would walk across the shore line. I would make sure that there wouldn't be any cell phones to interrupt the moment. 


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