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Thank you all so much for entering!

Contest Winners!

December 30, 2018


    I am so grateful to how much support I got from this contest, and I can't believe 10 people entered!
Thank you so much to all of you!
    They were all fantastic pieces, and I really think I got something from each of them.
Some were poetry, and some were short stories, and they all the captured the idea of writing about something that wasn't like you, which can be one of the hardest things to do.
    It's basically not being able to use the internet for anything *Exasperated Gasp* which is so hard.
I often find myself making characters and worlds like myself and my own so I have a building block, so I wanted to see what you guys could come up with, and you did a spectacular job.
So here are the:
 . , , , , , , , .
|WINNERS!!!| (And of course you're all winners).
` ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' `

1st Place: Xavier Nelson; A Dying World
    This piece was just... so real. It was almost as if it predicted the future through a poetic and prophetic poem.
It shows so many angles, but it's all viewed through a broken prism, so it sheds a beautiful but melancholy light on the entire poem.
    At the very end, it shows that the deepest wish of the protagonist, or maybe even the whole world, and that is to be able to cry. To be able to experience not having to be something, or just to be (not exactly sure if I interpreted that right or not.) My favorite line was:
    "When we forsake our masks terrified by the brilliance of our own souls, the streets will no longer be deserted, and every creature will see themselves for the first time."
This seemed to jolt me awake somehow. It showed me something I already knew, but felt like I was experiencing more than I ever had. 
Well done!

2nd Place: Korra4Life; Rose
    This piece felt to me like the most honest and truthful love story I'd ever heard in so few words. To me, it felt like it didn't need that many words to describe the experience of the fickle thing we call love. It wasn't a poem, but it seemed like it was. It was a story that weaved itself with figurative language, but it didn't have to rhyme; all it needed to do was describe the world. I think we often find that where our minds live and where they explore often lead to the most beautiful stories, and I really want to know where the idea came from, even though it was based off something else.
   There was a mixture of technicality and science, and it added to the beauty of it, making it solidified. And the very end... It was so sad, and it made you really feel for the characters in the story.
My favorite line was: 
    "I shiver again and look back towards the sun. He rises, his royal presence evident in the way he rises to his full height in the center of my universe. I bite back tears and force myself to continue counting seconds. I count 86,402 seconds before I fall asleep."  
    It was grounding to read this. It described so many emotions at once, yet seemed to dull them while still being able to experience them.
This was so inspiring for me!

3rd Place: Gideon Di Luca; The Other Side Of The Looking Glass
This entry was vastly different from all of the others, and I think that was part of the appeal.
It was quirky and different, and it wasn't at all poem-ish, although it did have a lot of figurative language, and it just felt like an interesting story with an interesting plot line.
    The description of the world it's set in is so vivid that I could almost imagine exactly what it would be like to be there, and
there is some wry humor which adds even more to the story. It's interesting to see how the protagonist views the world they are living in, and it seems like they would be an interesting person to meet. 
    Beneath the storytelling aspect, there is also an air of mystery which keeps the reader interested and also pulls them into the plot. There was clearly a massive amount of effort put into the piece as well.
    My favorite line was:
    "For all the good the black overcoat did, it might as well have been a lace curtain——giving the appearance of blocking out the light whilst the sun could clearly be seen through the myriad of decorative holes puncturing the fabric."
    This was near the beginning of the story, and it set the mood of the rest to come.    
    The end of it dragged me in even more, and I so badly want to know more, please write more.
    I wish my first chapters in books turned out this good.
    Great job!

The Rest of the Amazing Entries!

Little Paws; MimiChoudhury
    I enjoyed how the animal could understand what the humans were saying, and even knew what human things were. Do you have a cat, because you seem to have a lot of understanding for animal behavior.
My favorite line was: The mansion looked upon a large garden of various fruits and vegetables.There were no flowers. That was the reason why I often slipped into Lucius' house to ponder over the magical effect created by the vibrant petunias against the vast sky. 

Throat Of An Angel; Paperbird
    A poem in where the holy were unholy, yet still pure. A powerful mix of light and dark used to create magic.
My favorite line was: someday, they shall take me away and i will be swept up by wind and sleet and mother earth will kiss me for a last time no longer will i be burdened by your face for i will be swallowed, down the throat of an angel 
look, can’t you hear them singing?

Era's Gifted; Anha
    A story about young druids with a developed plot and very clear, well, everything. It was very easy to understand, and I liked the magic element, especially the plot twist at the end. (The names of places are really cool too.)
My favorite line was: And as Amaya's eyes began to take on a green tinge, colours seemed to fade from the world around her. Rey's mane of curls turned sandy in colour as she too changed, and feathers sprouted through the flesh and bone of Marion's thin arms. 

Free Us; stripedfly1001
    A story about angels that actually feel like real people—or, I guess angels. The characters just seem so real and relatable, and they leave me with a sense of guilt for the protagonist.
My favorite line was: Inwardly I was crying, wishing with all of my might for the soft, green grasses that were out there, waiting for me. The grasses that I risked my life for just to see.

Journey Past The Galaxy; J.A.
    A story about how an alien who is annoyed at not having to work to get a job. It was a very interesting take that left me delightfully surprised.
My favorite line was: I can't even image 7 different continents, with 5 oceans and numerous seas. The rivers must all be so nice. We learned about this in school before college, and I've always thought about how Emiya doesn't have any of these things.

Foreshadower; Christy Wisdom
    A poem about a lost soul that is beautiful yet sorrowful. It explores the pain of loneliness.
My favorite line was: I wander, Lonely Aimlessly, Until I yet again, Pronounce coming death, And grief. 

They Are Coming; Majestically Awkward Manatee
    A story where a tribe of underwater creatures are being attacked by a rival group. I feel like it's something different than I've ever heard of or read, and I think it's really interesting.
My favorite line was: "I looked outside and saw a big silver fish with shiny, beautiful scales swim past the window. It was Velard, one of the guards’ pets. Suddenly, an arrow came whirring through the water towards the silver fish. It hit him and he slowly floated toward the seafloor."



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    Thank you!

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  • korra4life

    Oops, I just realized I never commented the pieces I wanted you to review. Um... I don't know. If you haven't done any yet, could you review "Silver Blade," "Passover," and/or "Puppy?" They're all short stories. If that's not your forte, then you could totally review any of my poetry like... "Uncontrollable Fragility" or "Holes." You can choose too, if you don't like any of those. I'm just suggesting some of my newer stuff.

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    And you can review any pieces of mine that you want. I really don't mind c:

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    I made a new piece for the #Fire competition if you want to read it btw!

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    woah I still can't believe that I actually won haha... congrats to everyone who took part! it was fun. for the rest of my piece... I don't know why but i'm having trouble writing it. like, I have an end and some points I want to hit but it's still hard going. sorry... >.<
    also, here are two pieces for the review...? or if you find something else that interests you that's fine too :P
    thanks for hosting this...!

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  • Xavier Nelson

    Of course! I'm a guy who spends most of his time playing online poker and league of legends. I both love and hate interacting with people for personal reasons. (I tried to explain that a bit in my other works) I go to a private school where the tuition is 48 thousand dollars a year. (I'm on financial aid though) and I love cats >w> I used to volunteer at a shelter to help cats as well! Oh, and something that might be interesting is that I live with all girls.

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    Oh, and @Xavier Nelson, could you maybe give me a few baseline facts about you for the poem? Just some hobbies, gender (I think I know which, but I don't want to assume) likes, dislikes. If you are willing to send that over, I'd really appreciate it!

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    If the winners could also suggest what pieces they want me to review, that would be amazing! >^,.,^

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    congrats, y’all

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    Congrats to everyone! I’ve read so many of the entries that I know this was a hard choice. They were all so amazing and everyone did great!

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    Congratulations to the other winners and everyone else who participated! ^w^

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