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A Drug Tainted Friendship

February 16, 2016

Jane and Ellie had been the best of friends since they were three years old. They went to the same daycare, the same small school, many of the same classes and had many of the same teachers. Jane and Ellie were often mistaken as sisters, not only for the amount of time spent together but also for the many physical characteristics that they shared. They had many ups and downs throughout their relationship, but somehow always managed to get through the tough times. They have always thought of each other as family.
Jane and Ellie were not considered the popular girls. They had each other, and maybe a few people they talked to throughout the day at school, but really just each other to lean on and depend on. That is one of the many reasons they were always able to get through the tough situations. They knew that no one would care for them as much as the other did. They knew that whether they were in a fight or not they could still go to each other if they were in a fight.
When Jane, their junior year of high school, got a boyfriend they started drifting apart. Then one day Ellie found out that Jane’s boyfriend, Ray, was a drug addict. Ellie could see that Jane was being drug down by this guy, but she could also see how happy he made her. Ellie decided to be okay with it, until she found out Jane started using drugs with this guy. Jane then started spreading horrendous rumors about Ellie around the school. That is when Ellie decided to stop associating herself with Jane. Jane did not seem to care at all, which really hurt Ellie’s feelings.
            One day they both decided to sit down and talk about things. Ellie found herself doing all of the apologizing and yet Jane never said sorry one time. Jane swore she and her boyfriend were done using drugs, so Ellie decided to befriend her again.
            Jane continued with the lies to Ellie, the rumors, and soon to follow the drugs. Ellie finally decided that no drug tainted friendship was worth ruining her future over. Jane and Ellie are civil with each other when they see each other but no longer hang out. They are still there for each other when something is wrong but it will never be the same between them again.


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