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Hi! I'm a quirky young teenager who loves to smile and write stories about everything from ants to zoos! I'm super excited to join here as I have come from many different bad writing sites, and I'm glad to find a good one!

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I'm still not a great writer and really need some constructive criticism so I can write a story I've always wanted to!
Any tips or comments are greatly appreciated and will be read. Thanks for your help!
-Smile :D

"All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them." – Walt Disney

Hero (First Chapter)

December 29, 2018


Not all superheros were capes.
Not all fly.
And not all save other's lives.
An example of this is Valerie Reynolds. The girl who put up with a broken family and terrible friendships in a time where it shouldn't have happened. 

Chapter 1
Valerie and Jace walked down the streets of New York, Valerie holding his hand, imagining a terrible image of a possible last time they'd hold hands. She felt as if the thing she needed to tell him would ruin them. She didn't know what he'd say. Calm down Val, this is Jace not just anyone. He's sweet and he loves you. With the thought, Valerie calmed down a lot. 
"Jace, want to get lunch?  Mylie said she owed me one, so I got a free meal. I'm craving some mac and cheese," Valerie suggested.
"Excuse me? Free food? Why didn't you say so, we could've down that first! Food! I love food!" Valerie giggled. Her boyfriend was tall, and muscular, but he was silly too. He looked hilarious when he said dumbly adorable things. Jace pulled her in and kissed her, squeezing her arms like a teddy bear.
"After can we watch Iron Man for the one millionth time and scream about the need for an iron baby?" Valerie added.
"Now that really seals the deal Val. This is why I love you," Jace replied smiling.  The walk to the restaurant, Mylie's Cafe was only a mile but they took well over ten minutes.

In Progress 
This is a snippet of a story I hope to write all of, sort of like a first chapter. It may be kind of sad, I know, but I think it deeply connects to me in a sad way and I hope other people can find comfort in the story of a fighter.


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  • Quille

    This piece is absolutely beautiful :D I'd love to read more of the story :DDD
    BTW, welcome to WtW!!!!!!!! :DD

    11 months ago