Jey Min (SOTA)


I write when I gain inspiration. I aspire to be a published poet someday.

My Unbroken Head

December 29, 2018


Swirling in this cloudy glass bottle
I see:
The last dregs of love, a few drop’s worth.
They had left none for me and had
taken it all for themselves.
But they are mere drunk fools;
One morning they will wake up with
a migraine stuck in their head
and a broken heart beating their chests.
One day I will watch them being felled by the wine of love,
and I will laugh.

What is a lover but a fleeting night or day?
What is a lover but the only thing that can twist your heart so terribly
you can feel it bleed inside?
What is a lover but a monster that will seal you inside your shell,
leaving you to grieve for what was?
Rhetoric, a few hour’s worth
fleets by
in my unbroken head.
Yes, love
is a killer that you welcome into your home.

Yet, I pick up the bottle, swirl its contents.
Yes, I
tip it over
let its last breaths
into my waiting heart.


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  • rainandsonder

    gorgeous! i love how vivid and fluid the emotions are here, how you express them and twist the words to your command, how we know so much about this character in just this poem. i love it!!

    almost 2 years ago
  • RNE

    that was brilliant. i love the flow of emotions.

    almost 2 years ago