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“Who was the guy who first looked at a cow and said 'I think I’ll drink whatever comes out of these when I squeeze ’em?”
― Bill Watterson
"Before you judge a man, walk a mile in his shoes. After that who cares?... He’s a mile away and you’ve got his shoes!"
— Billy Connolly
“The only mystery in life is why the kamikaze pilots wore helmets.”
– Al McGuire
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My heart is covered in graffiti #2

December 30, 2018


He (the might be Luke) took a step forward, "Thank god I thought you are the cops. Oh my, your him..."
Wait what? He didn't hear me."Him?" I say
"Yeah Jack Sawyer..isn't that who you are?" 
"Wait how do you know that and that's not even my name!"
"I saw you paint something once. So is Jack Sawyer like your stage name?"
"Yeah, so what's your name"
"Luke Robinson, what's yours?"
Robinson? What the hell? "Kyle Sawyer"
He smirked "Well nice to meet you Sawyer, I'm going to go find a canvas."
No! He can't leave. Think Kyle. Use that stupid brain of yours. I got it!
"Why do you need to look for one when you are standing on it?"
Luke looks down at the empty pathway and grins, "I like where your brain is at, Sawyer."

We ended up staying for another five hours. The end result was awesome. We covered the pathway in this galaxy design, which made you think you are just going to drop into nothingness. 

After a quick goodbye. I reached home at two a.m. Will was waiting for me again. He had his serious face on, the one that looks like he's seriously constipated. 

"What the heck Kyle? You can't keep doing this. Do you know how much I worry for you? I am twenty five and I'm raising an eighteen year old, most twenty five year olds spend Friday nights at clubs but here I am. Is it drugs? Are you doing them again?"

I guess you guys needs a backstory, here it goes:
After my family died when I was fifteen, I got seriously depressed. I ended up joining some bad company and got into a drug chain. Will helped me out of it and when he was old enough he took me in. I have a hard time making friends because of all the drug history.
And that summaries it.

"No, I was just painting", I reply.
He shakes his head and walks inside his room.

I was about to follow and apologize when I get a text, 'Yo I know it's been some time, but do you want to join the chain again?'
Is this getting more interesting or am I spoiling things?


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    It's definitely getting interesting! :D Keep it up :DD

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