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distant on 02-14 // an old piece of mine

December 28, 2018


I opened my eyes and found myself in a hospital room, and felt immediate pain shooting through my body. I shut my eyes, after getting blinded from the bright light.
“Painkillers?” I heard in the distance. I didn’t even recognize the voice. It felt distant.
“Is he awake?” I heard another voice say, distant. My eyes shot open and I shot straight up, pain shooting through my body again. The doctors rushed towards me and helped me lay back down, telling me to just stay laying down for now, saying it would help lessen the pain.
I agreed, not even remembering why I was in here. Where’s Mak, anyways? Hell, does she even know about this? I groaned, wracking my brain for where she was when this happened.

3 months earlier, I woke up at 6 am to book the best suite there was for Mak and I to stay in when we visited Aspen for Valentines Day. She’s never skied before, and so I decided to surprise her with a trip to go skiing. I had planned this trip for months, weeks, days. I was extremely excited, while a little nervous, since I hadn’t skied since I was 12, and I was horrible. Either way, I was excited, for Mak. I was excited that she could try something new together that we could possibly do together in the future. It felt exciting, happy, gleeful. When I told her about my plans, she was extremely excited. For her birthday, I got her some ski gear and things she’d need for the trip. She texted me the night before the trip, telling me she couldn’t sleep. Quite honestly, I had been asleep when I’d heard my phone go off, but it was all okay, because it was Mak, and I love her. I truly love her.
We texted until about 4 am, when I realized we’d need to be awake in 2 hours, and told her to try and get some sleep. 2 hours later, I woke up, feeling groggy and drained, but got up anyways. At the airport, Mak fell asleep just waiting for the plane, and it took about 4 tries to get her to wake up before she finally did. We both slept the entire flight. After getting off the plane in Aspen, I still felt very groggy and drained, but put on a face for Mak. You’re doing this for her, I kept saying to myself. She was very energetic once in Aspen, hyped up on, excitement? We took a bus to the ski resort and she immediately tried to drag me to the ski rentals, but I reminded her that we had to take our luggage to our room first. She wasn’t happy, but went through with it. I was eventually dragged off to the ski rentals. We got ski rentals for the entire day today, and decided to wait until tomorrow to see what we’d do then. She wanted to get onto the slopes as soon as possible, so I agreed, but as long as we could go back to the room first, so I could change. I went to the bathroom to change and found some cold medicine to keep me awake, I mean, I felt fine, health wise, just tired, and needed something to keep me awake. I thought the meds I took would keep me awake. We left the room once I came out and went off to the novice slopes.
Now, like I said, I haven’t skied since I was 12 (only 4 years, but still… you can forget a ton in 4 years), and Mak’s never skied. I absolutely sucked, but Mak wasn’t half bad. She caught on very quickly, and I was actually quite jealous. She wanted to get off these novice slopes (which she’d mastered, while I was failing) and go onto something better. I agreed, yawning, and we went to the intermediate slopes.
We stopped at the intermediate slopes, and started skiing. Mak stopped about 5 minutes in, complaining she had to pee. I rolled my eyes, but let her run off to the bathroom, leaving me alone, on slopes I couldn’t ski on. I thought about trying to impress her once she was back, and I went up the mountain, and began to ski down. Bad idea. The drowsiness on the meds started to kick in (I should really read directions AND think next time…), so my vision was absolute crap. I was coming up on a tree, and since I was favoring the left side, if I didn’t move, I’d crash. Well my reflexes didn’t exactly kick into motion fast enough, and I slammed into the tree, curling in on myself right before the crash, which absolutely killed my spine.
    I tried to sit up again, pain shooting up and down my spine. I grimaced, letting out a faint gasp. I had a deep cut just below my eye now, from a tree branch which had fallen to the ground. I took a long look at my body, reviewing the injuries. Deep cut below my left eye. Dislocated shoulder which hit the tree. My glasses, which would have to replaced, since they were broken in two. My left thigh, which hit the tree as well. No injury there, just a huge bruise and alot of pain. The most pain though, was shooting up and down my back. My spine. When I had been asleep, I heard the doctors talking about me possibly having to get surgery to fix it, or having to get a shot in my spine. Very different ideas, but both scared the hell out of me. I was just going to have to get through it though.
    I was about to drift off into sleep when Mak walked in, immediately running to my side.
“Oh my god, Sean, I’m so sorry I left you, I should’ve stayed with you, I shouldn’t have left you alone, I’m so sorry, I’m so sorry,” I pulled her close, smelling her hair, which smelled like coconut, for all you perverts out there who wanted to know. She mumbled apologies over and over again into my chest and I had to finally pull away from her.
“Mak, it’s not your fault, I wanted to impress you, being the idiot I am,” I admitted.
“But you’re my idiot,” she replied, leaning in for a kiss.
*And then they kissed. The kiss will not be described in any detail, so allow yourself to imagine it any way you'd like.*
I pulled away. “Mak, did I ruin the trip?” I asked, fear in my voice.
“Sean, of course not. I’m just glad to be here, spending time with you,” she said, leaning in for another kiss, and I smiled, just enjoying the time I had with her on this intimate day.


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