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This is my super lengthy recipe for 2019 <3

A Gold Cornflake

January 4, 2019

PROMPT: 2019

I'll need many things
To stew a new year

Because the days
Are looming near

A bubble of laughter
To see my day through

A big surprise
Just one or two

Let's start off quick
With a quill or feather

And stir and mumble
Some words together

Now throw in a book
I'm thinking Jane Eyre

And some Vernian classics
Into the air

We’ll have to hope that
They land in our cauldron

Or else we might end up
With a crazy concoction

Now a miracle is something
Everyone truly needs

Along with some colourful
Truffula seeds

We will not grind them
Or chop them or roast

Instead we will paint them
The colour of toast

I think we should add
A helping of glitter

To make our year
A little less bitter

Now add a bucketful
Of memories to spare

To spare and to share
With my friends everywhere

I'll plop in a handful
Of promises here

To follow twenty more writers
By the end of the year

It's time to leave
Our mixture to bubble

While we sort out
A little kerfuffle

You see I'm conflicted
Between two tiny things

Should I ask for a tail
Or a pair of blue wings?

We'll need a huge net
To catch a great dream

And leave it to sit
By the light of a beam

Using a sieve
I'll shake and I'll toss

Its silvery wisps
Into pink candy floss

Now I need a friend
Who is a boy in my life

They call it a boyfriend
'Cause I'm not yet a wife

Perhaps a Mr. Darcy
Will do the job just fine

But I think Gilbert Blythe
Best fits my design

We're wasting time pondering
Over boys and friends an- stop!

We need a ticket to fairyland
And coupons to every shop

Add a minty leaf from
The Magic Faraway Tree

And don't forget a blackberry
From the bush of Mr Magee

To top it off
It's time to grill

Green eggs and ham
And peas and dill

Now grate a chunk
Of Willy Wonka's

Famous chocolate
Just because...

We’ll be needing mountains
Of joy and hope next year

So don't you dare let me see
Your cheeky eyes shed a tear

We'll curl up an old brown map
Of the Secret Garden

And leave it overnight to soak
In the pools of a fountain

Last of all we really must
(In handfuls) we must add

Some Turkish Delight from Narnia
Please tip in just a tad

Somewhere we'll have to find
A pinch of fairy dust

We'll borrow it off Peter Pan
And in return we'll have to trust

That even though we have no wings
We can fly if we believe

Just wait, you'll see, just hold on tight
Until the night of New Year's Eve

Marinate and stir and toss
Now cook it on the barbecue

Mix and flip and chuck and flick
For a lengthy month or two

Combine with Alice in Wonderland's
Magic shrinking cake

Until it takes the simple form
Of a gold cornflake

Before you pop it in your mouth
I'd suggest a little blow

Make sure that you are sitting tight
Beneath a true rainbow

Wish upon a shooting star
Before you chew and suck and taste

This is the end of my recipe
I won’t let it go to waste!


Here is my recipe for the new year! Comment if a particular childhood book reference (in italics) brings back a sense of deja vu :)


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  • Hamna16

    I love this recipe!! :)

    over 1 year ago
  • The Bubbling Pen

    Thanks nevaredhp & Johanna :)

    over 1 year ago
  • nevaredhp

    Wow I love how you made the basic recipe prompt into a magical poem! Makes me smile going into 2019.

    over 1 year ago
  • Johanna

    Ahhh! I really really like this and the references are amazing!! Fantastic job ;)

    over 1 year ago