Gabriella Lado


Die for you

February 8, 2016

"Friendship is like an amazing book,it only takes a few seconds to destroy  it but it takes years to write,once its  destroyed you'll  have to start it again or simply  give up on it.
Trust me with these words,you have to value your friends because if once they're  out of your life you'll  be desperate  to earn them back" I sighed  as I closed my diary,my best friend.I stroked the brown leather cover thinking back to the day when I lost my only friend,I want to forget about it,I want to erase the memory out of my mind but I am not able to.I collapsed  onto my bed,quite sobs escaping my mouth.Oh if only I could get her back,I would value her more, I wouldn't  hurt her again but I know I couldn't  get her back .
Once again I took a quick glance at my my diary,where I wrote down my thoughts,my feelings and where I captured  down my life in words.My diary is the only thing that's  keeping  me sane.Everyone sees an old torn book when they look at it but what I see is an escape from the real world.The world is a cruel place ,full of cruel people and I am one of those people. 
If I had made the right decisions my best friend,the only person who ever loved me wouldn't  be under the ground.Yes,I am the reason why my friend is dead and believe  me if I could travel back in time and die instead of her.
We had a special bond,I thought  no one  would be able to break it,silly me,I didn't  think I would be the on to break it.
I took in a deep breath and stood up from my shattered bed ,making my way to my window,I carefully opened it and climbed out of the room.I was on the top of the roof,staring at the star's with no emotions in my eyes.I closed my eyes and took a step forward,I was on the edge of the roof  now,I was ready to jump,I was ready to be free.
I took my diary out of the pocket of my jumper which was hanging off me,I carefully  placed it next to my foot.
'Now or never'I whispered,once again  I closed my eyes and jumped.I felt the cold air brushing  against  my skin as I flew toward  the ground.
I spread my arms out,I felt gravity pulling me down ,quicker and quicker.
'Goodbye world' I opened my eyes,waiting for my body to collide with the ground.
I only have a few seconds.
'Lucy I am coming for you'I muttered.
Finally  I felt my body clash with the ground as darkness  took over.
This is it,I am dead.
I did it,I died for you.
Lucy,we can be friends again.


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